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Financially fixing the broken in my life...6/2/2019  2  
Looking for a lady to take of5/31/2019  0  
My cum hungry bum5/31/2019  0  
My bum.5/30/2019  3  
It's Wednesday already?5/29/2019  2  
For those who read profiles and blogs.5/29/2019  1  
What a crazy weekend!5/28/2019  6  
A Summer of Alice5/26/2019  2  
Ordered some sexy clothes for the first time!5/26/2019  2  
How Did I Get Here?5/25/2019  0  
~~~Twisted Inside of Me~~~5/23/2019  27  
An erection and a hot shower5/21/2019  4  
Barking up the wrong tree?5/19/2019  2  
Another weekend alone...5/18/2019  6  
Saturday morning5/18/2019  3  
SHOPPING....... no panties....????5/16/2019  23  
Facial Recognition5/13/2019  6  
Id rather strip than trip!~ Happy Half Naked Wednesday5/8/2019  13  
Ah, spring5/5/2019  0  
What I am hoping to find in a woman in my search on AdultFriendFinder5/5/2019  7  
A joke as we head into Hump Day ;)4/30/2019  3  
*~ A FEW THINGS ABOUT MYSELF~*4/30/2019  0  
Ask For What You Want4/29/2019  15  
From Smoking To A Completely Different Kind Of Pipe: PEX4/26/2019  2  
Recent Grief Observation4/25/2019  2  
Simple Question, a not so Simple Answer4/25/2019  1  
50 Shades of Hotels4/22/2019  6  
=* Selections 👅👄4/20/2019  7  
JO bud fantasy4/17/2019  1  
Dirty Dumpster Muff Diving4/15/2019  2  
Passeio com o Corninho4/14/2019  28  
Grocery shopping can be fun! 👠❤️4/12/2019  11  
Mating Rituals of the Social Awkward4/12/2019  1  
Mating Rituals of the Social Awkward4/12/2019  1  
Before the Easy-Bake Oven, Toy Stoves Were Beautiful and Deadly4/10/2019  2  
E076: Birthdays4/10/2019  0  
Busy As Bees4/10/2019  5  
My First Time Giving My Girlfriend and Her Friend A Hot Pee Enema.4/10/2019  0  
What a Relief4/9/2019  20  
My Worst Day in Years4/8/2019  3  
Why Are Chocolate Easter Bunnies Hollow?4/5/2019  4  
Bathtime Surprise! A Nephew's Story4/5/2019  30  
I'm loving Amazon4/5/2019  0  
My second meeting with Gypsy4/5/2019  2  
E073: A shopping trip together4/4/2019  0  
Another one? Whats wrong with people ?4/2/2019  8  
Happy First Day of April!!!4/1/2019  3  
coversation with a sissy3/31/2019  0  
My Pedestrian Life3/31/2019  24