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All I shop for Christmas is my....2/11/2020  0  
I've been away2/11/2020  0  
something i think about2/9/2020  0  
Final day of Lunar Festival2/7/2020  3  
Struck by an Amigo2/7/2020  10  
What was your most interesting sex experience2/4/2020  0  
A view worth looking up too!2/4/2020  0  
shopping fun2/3/2020  0  
The 21 Day New Routine Challenge - Day 32/1/2020  8  
Conversation Starters That I borrowed from Another2/1/2020  0  
Cucumber1/30/2020  0  
Tampa Ybor City area soon1/30/2020  0  
New favorite Plug ... OMG1/30/2020  4  
Cruzada de pernas1/29/2020  0  
Woke up early...1/29/2020  2  
Lets Go...1/27/2020  6  
Another Boring Mom Monday1/27/2020  3  
Grocery story run in-Erotic story (not based on any real experience)1/27/2020  1  
Hotel weekend jan 261/26/2020  1  
What the Fuck Moment #3471/26/2020  8  
Didn't get the shopping done....1/26/2020  2  
Becoming a Dominatrix1/25/2020  10  
Conversation Starters - food for thought1/25/2020  0  
A quick one....1/25/2020  2  
Giving a quickie flash view shopping.1/21/2020  43  
Couldn’t get to sleep, wasn’t get laid so I went shopping wearing a bustier1/19/2020  0  
Couldn’t get to sleep, wasn’t get laid so I went shopping wearing a bustier1/19/2020  0  
witnessed a possible miracle yesterday1/18/2020  4  
Another visit to Bob's cock...I mean house1/17/2020  1  
Panties1/14/2020  8  
A Monday post...1/13/2020  3  
"Goodwill" Hunting!1/12/2020  1  
I Survived My First Week!!1/11/2020  13  
My first time1/11/2020  0  
Record time...1/11/2020  2  
did it never occur to you...1/10/2020  8  
sissy shopping1/9/2020  0  
i no i strange but y people say bad1/8/2020  0  
50 Facts About Women1/8/2020  3  
Shoe shopping list1/6/2020  11  
Ups and Downs1/6/2020  22  
Couldn't keep my eyes open....1/4/2020  6  
Meeting My Ex-Girlfriend12/29/2019  0  
Grocery shopping ?12/29/2019  5  
careful out there.12/27/2019  1  
A man12/23/2019  0  
Is my Ex being.... Helpful?!?12/23/2019  11  
XXX-Mas Gifts...2 Shopping Days Left..!!12/23/2019  7  
Santa Claus Has POINTS Here an here n here n here12/22/2019  11