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Look & see when last on8/25/2020  1  
Manipulative8/25/2020  15  
Just Ranting - Let's Work Together8/25/2020  0  
ok so its been a coupel of days8/24/2020  0  
ok so its been a coupel of days8/24/2020  0  
Message me here8/24/2020  4  
crap8/24/2020  8  
Tired of fakes, phony’s and those that do not read my profile.8/24/2020  0  
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7 Signs You’ve Been On A Sex Site For Too Long 😮❗❤️8/18/2020  18  
SORRY8/18/2020  0  
Trucker fun!8/17/2020  0  
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True Story - POF Meet up8/17/2020  0  
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Anyone else have this happen?8/17/2020  0  
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Honesty is a must.8/16/2020  17  
The One Behind the Screen8/15/2020  4  
Motel Fun - Aug 10, 20208/14/2020  0  
They call it insanity8/14/2020  0  
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update8/14/2020  1  
Secret Life of a Webcam Mom8/14/2020  0  
Can't respond to messages so kik me LB05878/14/2020  0  
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Kink's dirty little secret8/8/2020  2  
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When Dad Needed IT Help, He Called Me8/7/2020  13  
For You and me....but keep it between us....For Private messages8/7/2020  4  
2 Women8/6/2020  41  
RANT - Are there only guys on here???8/4/2020  9  
Aren't friends supposed to say Hi once in awhile ?8/4/2020  0  
No one reads profiles8/3/2020  0  
Life's Choice.... What would you do?8/3/2020  12  
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Pet Names or Terms of Endearment8/1/2020  18  
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See this is what happens7/31/2020  0