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Birthday Weekend10/12/2020  6  
Mercy10/12/2020  2  
Pandemic Blahs, Living on Sexual Memories10/12/2020  0  
Romance on AdultFriendFinder10/11/2020  2  
Saturday In Maine- Maine Humor at It's Best10/10/2020  9  
Have a laugh........its good for the soul10/10/2020  4  
I Want to meet with a woman someplace Suck on Her Panties and Jack Off for her.10/9/2020  0  
The Edge10/9/2020  0  
Wrestlefest10/9/2020  1  
My first blog...about my first m2m sexual experience.10/7/2020  0  
That "Saturday Night ... Fever", Part 4 of 710/5/2020  0  
The Taste10/5/2020  2  
Porn, It's Personal9/27/2020  3  
Showing my nude photo9/27/2020  15  
You Must Like Me9/24/2020  1  
Chance encounter9/22/2020  1  
Favorite Body Part9/22/2020  13  
The Breakfast Meeting (Pt.2)9/21/2020  0  
The Breakfast Meeting (Pt.1)9/21/2020  0  
not my lucky day9/21/2020  16  
Magic Fingers9/20/2020  15  
Expectation of Returning9/20/2020  8  
Tell your story9/19/2020  0  
Tim and Abbie 20: Thursday afternoon9/18/2020  1  
After The Waltz... End..9/16/2020  4  
The Sensual Poetic: Pearls9/13/2020  4  
Seduced to perform my first bisexual act9/11/2020  1  
USN Bowling Team- (Fantasy of sucking cock for the first time)9/11/2020  0  
Limited Interactions9/10/2020  6  
Men Who Cam9/9/2020  3  
Helping your stroke on and off the golf course9/9/2020  1  
THE FACTS9/8/2020  0  
Always horny for old guys.9/7/2020  20  
Photo in the Park9/6/2020  0  
Starting All Over9/5/2020  1  
Hookup Transcript Sexting and Chat Too M4M9/2/2020  0  
Slumps suck9/1/2020  0  
So turned on!!9/1/2020  0  
Ending the lock down8/31/2020  3  
The Family Party - Driving with a view8/31/2020  6  
Tim and Abbie 08: Thursday8/29/2020  0  
In It Or Not And Who? Men On Men8/28/2020  0  
Blacks is NOT a term to describe Black People! Prejudice,Bigoted? Or RU Really and just undercover?8/27/2020  8  
The ConJuring8/27/2020  3  
Tim and Abbie 06: Wednesday8/27/2020  1  
A learning experience8/27/2020  0  
Tim and Abbie 05: Tuesday8/26/2020  0  
Shower Time8/25/2020  1  
Let's stroke8/25/2020  1