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Thoughts of You and I3/27/2020  7  
A Deeper Appreciation of Sex3/26/2020  0  
Creampie by older man3/26/2020  5  
Dreams Do Come True and Wishes are Granted3/26/2020  1  
Welcome Home3/25/2020  0  
Vanilla girl3/25/2020  3  
Still horny during all of this3/25/2020  9  
Stranger cont...3/25/2020  2  
Catching up3/24/2020  4  
Our meeting with a BDSM Unicorn3/23/2020  4  
Rainy Night3/23/2020  16  
My favorite thing to do!3/23/2020  1  
Denver Dream Part One3/23/2020  0  
Hungry3/23/2020  0  
Teased and Pleased3/22/2020  9  
Part 2 My Psycho/Sexual needs and wants...continued3/22/2020  0  
Chance Encounter3/22/2020  1  
My Cage3/22/2020  0  
If I had it my way3/21/2020  0  
Blindfold3/20/2020  0  
Wife and her college friend3/20/2020  0  
A little story to share3/20/2020  0  
My first experience with a Couple/Cuckold!!3/19/2020  1  
Our first time3/19/2020  0  
Our first time3/19/2020  0  
Our first time3/19/2020  0  
Mmmm yes I wanna lick 👅 sum nipples please3/18/2020  0  
What I learned today and then some3/18/2020  9  
Phat nipples3/18/2020  0  
Dealing with a cheating whore3/18/2020  1  
Continuing the fun with Deb3/17/2020  2  
It all starts with a kiss-Erotic story3/17/2020  1  
Exhibitionism3/17/2020  0  
The Interview that went Viral3/16/2020  1  
Nipples everywhere...but here.3/16/2020  7  
Ass smelling, licking and rimming3/15/2020  10  
Woman of my dreams (Fantasy)3/15/2020  0  
Safe in Your Arms...3/15/2020  6  
Making My Ex a Slut3/14/2020  0  
Sex With A New Young Married Friend3/13/2020  1  
Sex Story With The Unsatisfied Lady I Met In Delhi Metro3/13/2020  0  
My Dream Vacation part 53/12/2020  0  
Feeling fememine3/10/2020  3  
It All Started When I Went Shopping3/9/2020  8  
AdultFriendFinder Meet - Tropical Afternoon Delight3/9/2020  0  
Fingering My Wet Pussy to Orgasm3/8/2020  10  
my first anal and swap experience3/8/2020  0  
Carolyn from Melbourne3/7/2020  12