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1st time...9/7/2019  5  
Tell me...9/4/2019  0  
Let’s stop these senseless massacres now!9/1/2019  1  
New Job and more Hot sex for me Phon8/15/2019  17  
New Job and more Sex for me the wife8/15/2019  19  
10 Years Ago...8/14/2019  3  
Tuesday8/13/2019  3  
Pat and he is a man8/1/2019  0  
Scams to Look Out For7/31/2019  5  
In The Twilight zone7/29/2019  1  
Lottery Winnings7/27/2019  5  
Any Photographers Need A Model?7/22/2019  0  
July's Juicy Gossip7/20/2019  3  
Fiery Weather7/15/2019  2  
AMERICA7/4/2019  11  
Response to a question on this site6/29/2019  0  
Heights....6/29/2019  6  
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly...6/25/2019  8  
Pat and he is a man6/23/2019  0  
What the fuck is wrong with people?6/20/2019  14  
Walk in the woods with friend this week6/20/2019  7  
You are who you are6/18/2019  5  
Beach Ride6/16/2019  3  
Better6/12/2019  9  
New Years Eve6/3/2019  4  
Just pondering...6/2/2019  4  
THAX sized emergencies, what I have been up to.5/31/2019  2  
final GOT episode recap5/20/2019  9  
Took my dildo for a walk!5/19/2019  3  
Sex is Great and acceptable in all forms and fashion5/17/2019  0  
Happy Mother's Day!5/12/2019  5  
100 ways you know you’re a Swinger!5/10/2019  4  
Don't get my families involved5/6/2019  7  
It Is My Last Day Here... Take Care... 🙁👍5/1/2019  18  
Captive breeding farms for Lions.4/30/2019  3  
That weird feelings...4/26/2019  2  
Street Justice4/26/2019  0  
Windy and rainy today....4/20/2019  2  
Married?4/18/2019  0  
Dog park (part 3)4/17/2019  3  
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Puppies, snowbirds, and sex4/15/2019  2  
Hot Neighbor & Voyeurism. My start.4/12/2019  1  
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Dog park (part 2)4/10/2019  0  
Aftermath of a MM Experience (3 of 3)4/9/2019  0  
New and Curious4/5/2019  4  
Naked Woodland walk4/1/2019  2  
Sydney Sunken Ships Trees and Trivia3/31/2019  5