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Los hombres que no amaban los juguetes sexuales5/18/2016  5  
Cause of your Petition, Strap-on!!! Pictures Inside!!!5/14/2016  40  
"Men Don't Take and Enjoy Anal?"5/10/2016  23  
"Men Don't Take and Enjoy Anal"5/10/2016  13  
Anal sex4/13/2016  2  
You can't be first, but you could be next.3/29/2016  5  
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Who is down with "Team Anal"?3/1/2016  1  
Tired and sore2/29/2016  0  
Today is a great day for sex and masturbation1/30/2016  5  
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Happy Monday!1/11/2016  1  
Pegging and strap on!1/8/2016  22  
Pegging and strap on!1/8/2016  16  
Pegging and strap on!1/8/2016  11  
Pegging!1/8/2016  21  
a word from a friend1/6/2016  0  
Pizza boy pegging massacre1/3/2016  5  
Pegging12/25/2015  3  
Caveat emptor12/5/2015  2  
My new lustful desires...12/2/2015  8  
Another hundred down!11/29/2015  5  
Pegging Adventures 211/20/2015  0  
Finding the Vanilla line.11/8/2015  1  
Pegging Adventures 111/6/2015  0  
"There is a woman at the end of that strap-on"11/5/2015  0  
Which is better? Pegging or getting fucked?11/4/2015  6  
Which is better? Pegging or getting fucked?11/4/2015  2  
WHAT IS MY TYPE/ part 211/1/2015  2  
Pegging10/10/2015  3  
My desire to be a female and crossdress10/5/2015  1  
Is pegging the new “do you shave, do you like anal, do you squirt, are you submissive” replacement?10/4/2015  5  
Lost Weekend in Charlotte9/27/2015  3  
If you don't love it up the ass shove it up your ass9/19/2015  3  
here is a post i saw elsewhere and want to share9/15/2015  1  
wanting to learn about pegging8/30/2015  0  
Strap-on dildo8/29/2015  0  
Kinks That Perpetuate Myths- Pegging, Anal Play Part II8/21/2015  18  
Kinks That Perpetuate Myths- Pegging And Ass Play8/5/2015  24  
note to every one making groops7/17/2015  0  
I'm looking to explore my submissive and feminine side7/15/2015  4  
Pegging6/27/2015  6  
Pegging6/20/2015  3  
Pegging6/13/2015  1  
About Us6/12/2015  5