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A Night of Gigantic Cocks (A Gay Fantasy Story)2/8/2017  2  
She was sore at the end2/8/2017  3  
Trump unamerican?2/7/2017  5  
Story time #1 (pure fiction)2/6/2017  2  
Unexpected surprise1/29/2017  0  
The Game Part 21/26/2017  2  
A week in the life of a slut1/23/2017  8  
My Turn1/23/2017  1  
1-19-20171/22/2017  0  
Inertia1/21/2017  1  
Fantasy; Conference Friends, Part 31/15/2017  2  
My First Time1/13/2017  1  
High School Sweethearts1/12/2017  1  
Making Love to a Black Woman1/10/2017  1  
The guy in the elevator1/8/2017  3  
Me- Getting My Self Esteem By Expressing Myself Through Writing1/8/2017  11  
Lesbian Fun In The Old West1/7/2017  4  
Her Cock (A Story About One Of My Past Experiences)1/4/2017  2  
Dark Passions (An Erotic Story)12/27/2016  2  
Into The Woods12/21/2016  1  
My Wonderful Redhead12/20/2016  1  
wind, by me pu e e (u slounds like oo in boo in pu and the 2 e's sound like ey in the word tray..12/19/2016  1  
A Fantasy12/17/2016  0  
them and me12/16/2016  1  
The 3-Sum - Pt 512/13/2016  0  
Washing the Car and My Balls Again12/7/2016  1  
A Buddy Magnet12/3/2016  0  
Morning surprise11/29/2016  7  
Bi/gay sex gangbang11/27/2016  2  
Unexpected fun at the end of the day11/27/2016  0  
Bill Collector11/24/2016  1  
Details inside: Threesome with an old friend...11/14/2016  4  
The Maid (Shamiqua)11/12/2016  1  
The Play Date (A fantasy for a special friend)11/9/2016  0  
I've been a busy Girl11/9/2016  2  
Weather man11/6/2016  0  
Something Different For Halloween11/1/2016  13  
Tokyo Valentino Gangbang11/1/2016  1  
Three's Not A Crowd (An Erotic Story)10/30/2016  1  
Home At Last: Chapter Eight, the Final Chapter of The Surprise Lingerie Sex Show10/22/2016  1  
Our Wedding and Honeymoon: Part Seven of The Surprise Lingerie Sex Show10/21/2016  2  
Candy's Return: Part Six of The Surprise Lingerie Sex Show10/20/2016  1  
The Homecoming and Our Engagement: Part Five of The Surprise Lingerie Sex Show10/19/2016  1  
Time Alone With Candy: Part Three of The Surprise Lingerie Sex Show10/17/2016  2  
The Surprise Lingerie Sex Show (Part One)10/15/2016  5  
Down on the Farm III10/14/2016  2  
Down on the Farm10/12/2016  2  
Erotic Fun With Victoria10/11/2016  2  
THE WATERFALL10/10/2016  0  
3's Not A Crowd: An Erotic Story10/9/2016  3