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All I want to do for Valentine's is hookup tonight with a white freak...any takers!!2/14/2019  0  
The forever drug2/13/2019  4  
Changing our profile ..2/12/2019  4  
To Meet or Not to Meet2/12/2019  1  
Kama Sutra2/11/2019  1  
forgiveness2/11/2019  1  
Trump vs. Nixon2/10/2019  1  
What She Wanted2/6/2019  0  
Hello miss sexy ladies1/29/2019  0  
Horny in Tomball1/28/2019  0  
o so goood1/27/2019  0  
o so goood1/27/2019  0  
Moon Tan1/26/2019  2  
Meant to be kissed ~~~1/25/2019  6  
The Night I Became Kevin's Girl1/23/2019  0  
I wanna get freaky with you...12/30/2018  5  
ED Enchantment12/25/2018  0  
A Hotwife Origin Story12/14/2018  4  
Miss melons12/14/2018  3  
Playin hard to get...12/14/2018  3  
I'm to honest12/13/2018  0  
If you are attracted to older men - TELL THEM!12/13/2018  3  
A moment of applause for the modern woman.12/12/2018  7  
The Perfect Suit For Me12/11/2018  0  
Control is an Illusion12/10/2018  18  
Sweating the small stuff12/9/2018  4  
Being Erica12/9/2018  5  
Fantasy Land: A world of thoughtful fun.12/6/2018  0  
...and that's how I got into this mess!12/6/2018  6  
ready12/5/2018  0  
Freaky12/2/2018  0  
?11/30/2018  0  
Frankenstein VS Dracula VS Mr. Darcy11/27/2018  3  
5 Tips for Giving Straight Guys Bro Jobs + Where to Find Them!11/25/2018  3  
Freak Me!!11/22/2018  0  
Automated Lovemaking Unit 34-B/1111/17/2018  4  
Cleaning your baby’s pacifier with spit might have surprising benefits11/16/2018  1  
A meaty oneπŸ†πŸ†πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ‘…11/16/2018  2  
Consultation11/14/2018  4  
The art of the deal11/11/2018  2  
"Rule #8" "Invitations are for pussies..." just sayin... enjoy...11/1/2018  6  
The Strange and Mysterious History of the Ouija Board10/31/2018  3  
Bat-Porn Wrestling League Round One - Roxy Rocket VS Cassandra Cain10/29/2018  6  
Teasin's Greetings ;)10/27/2018  0  
How I lost my V-card...and a good friend10/22/2018  2  
Will we meet?10/22/2018  0  
So when you have 3 people betting10/21/2018  6  
The Mailbag10/21/2018  19  
Story Time [How Kinky Can It Get?]10/12/2018  0