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I could tell as he walked in ...12/16/2019  0  
Pré-cum thoughts to share12/15/2019  0  
It’s cold here. And other cold ass stuff12/13/2019  16  
Red Head - Part 212/13/2019  3  
Measuring the Cock12/12/2019  16  
Steamed Glasses12/9/2019  1  
Girls and their daddies...12/9/2019  3  
Giving her what she wants12/8/2019  0  
Blonde Bombshell Couple... Conclusion12/8/2019  0  
Some of my sexy friends photo here AdultFriendFinder styles12/8/2019  0  
The Broker12/8/2019  3  
Late nigh gym workout.12/7/2019  0  
I Got What I Deserved12/6/2019  2  
Our First Meeting12/4/2019  0  
Tapping & a flicking on my hardened up shaft12/3/2019  2  
Phone Sex COD #112/3/2019  1  
Show Me You Love Me12/3/2019  0  
The Best Part of Waking Up12/2/2019  1  
Stranded Biker's Wife11/29/2019  0  
A Holiday alone without even a turkey to stuff, only grateful memories of a time since past!!11/29/2019  0  
Mutuality11/25/2019  7  
Grocery Shopping...11/24/2019  2  
Hot 4th of July got even hotter.11/18/2019  2  
My Foot Fetish Story.11/17/2019  5  
free thought11/17/2019  4  
Erotic fantasy fiction....,, my first story11/16/2019  2  
ASSking For More11/14/2019  0  
Asian Massage11/13/2019  0  
The Enlightened Quickie11/12/2019  3  
How do I taste?11/12/2019  1  
Do What I Say Erotic FICTION11/10/2019  4  
Another week gone...11/9/2019  1  
Take Me11/8/2019  11  
Took up a Nude modelling gig for an amateur.11/7/2019  0  
Making Lemonade From Lemons11/7/2019  0  
All along the WATCH--TOWER11/3/2019  12  
The Green Door11/3/2019  3  
Why We Love to Suck Cock11/2/2019  16  
My vegas dream11/1/2019  1  
Taking You11/1/2019  4  
Hooking Up With hawblk11/1/2019  2  
Kat and her holiday secret part 311/1/2019  0  
Road Stop11/1/2019  0  
A brief disclaimer11/1/2019  0  
Uber Driving Slut enjoys a Paine Field pickup and ass fuck!10/26/2019  11  
Cousin Emily Charity Fuck10/24/2019  0  
My erect sucked nipples.10/22/2019  16  
Squirting in that pulsing fashion10/22/2019  0  
The Initiation10/20/2019  3