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Plumbing issues....6/13/2020  2  
All my relationships started out as hookups!6/12/2020  6  
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today' s random thoughts...6/8/2020  2  
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A Fishing Storey / as told to another fisherman while fishing6/3/2020  0  
Texas trip6/2/2020  1  
**** Soldiers And Priests ****6/2/2020  19  
That's what I want to do. 私がやってみたい事6/2/2020  0  
The Front Porch Chronicle May Edition5/31/2020  8  
Holiday Road5/31/2020  0  
A short story in progress...5/31/2020  0  
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Starting trip into Porn5/30/2020  4  
my adventure to the florida keys5/29/2020  1  
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Throwing Caution to the Wind....5/28/2020  0  
Well that was a long break5/28/2020  5  
my trip to mardi gras5/27/2020  0  
ECC's Camp & Float is on they are open5/27/2020  0  
Neighborhood Cougar Catches Me Watching Porn5/25/2020  0  
Sexy, Sunny, Sunday Encounter5/25/2020  0  
The butler did it5/25/2020  3  
Copycats Smellycats and a Thrift store whore5/24/2020  13  
disappointing5/24/2020  1  
Shopping Mall Cougar5/23/2020  0  
Need company5/23/2020  0  
Getting Help From A Neighbor5/23/2020  0  
Florida ....oh I have Missed you...Mystery points in play5/22/2020  20  
The Camping Trip5/21/2020  0  
Grizzly Bear Blues5/20/2020  6  
Travel Tuesday - Oahu HI5/19/2020  4  
More cheap Britches,5/18/2020  4  
How to spot a suspected chatbot5/18/2020  2  
Road Trip Challenge5/18/2020  22  
Going on a trip...5/16/2020  1  
We can't read or reply to emails or see profiles again.5/16/2020  0  
TGI Fri-Yay!!5/15/2020  17  
Cheap Britches5/15/2020  4  
Sometimes you just need a little fresh air. (Warning: A little graphic)5/15/2020  3  
Getting around to writing again...5/14/2020  8  
An end in sight?5/14/2020  0  
E130: Just married5/13/2020  0  
HNW - Books5/13/2020  17