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This site is a huge waste of time7/10/2019  0  
Don't expect me to teach you......7/7/2019  0  
Curiosities7/7/2019  0  
Like Father, Like Son7/2/2019  0  
Sex7/2/2019  0  
Untitled7/2/2019  1  
Need some6/29/2019  0  
I’m kinky, not easy...6/27/2019  8  
One line insults, next time someone annoys you!! lol6/19/2019  8  
What really burns me about this site...6/19/2019  12  
Third Rate Romance6/13/2019  14  
Do I Need... Whiter Teeth... To Get Fucked... Damn...😁6/11/2019  22  
Uncircumcised Unease6/9/2019  7  
Navigating AdultFriendFinder Profiles...!6/7/2019  4  
A record streak6/6/2019  0  
Why are most people scared to follow through?6/6/2019  0  
News Flash - I'm not stupid!6/6/2019  1  
The older I get, the more i worship women5/21/2019  0  
What The Fuck5/19/2019  3  
Don’t Put Your Foot in It - What Not To Say To Potential Hookups5/17/2019  1  
What NOT to say to me5/16/2019  0  
Even the most confident people wavier from time to time5/14/2019  2  
Hard to get laid5/9/2019  1  
Stop tossing lemons at me, life, I'm tired of making lemonade!5/6/2019  4  
Bi and living a little more rural5/4/2019  3  
Bday fuck5/3/2019  0  
Just what. The. Fuck.5/1/2019  4  
“TO CUT, OR NOT TO CUT”4/26/2019  11  
Closing Escrow on AdultFriendFinder4/26/2019  9  
I'm a fake4/19/2019  5  
So You Want to Fuck NaughtyImpy4/19/2019  0  
Need sex patner contact naw: http://AdultFriendFinder.com4/13/2019  0  
contact me: http://AdultFriendFinder.com4/13/2019  0  
What The Frock.... Is Your Fricken Problem?.... 😱... 54/12/2019  18  
What The Flock... Is Your Problem...? 😱44/5/2019  15  
Wednesday morning...4/3/2019  2  
It's April, and I'm the Fool4/1/2019  5  
A fool no longer4/1/2019  7  
Who's Desperate?3/29/2019  21  
Bucket list, conclusion...3/29/2019  3  
Sex Math3/27/2019  2  
**College Girl's Adventures Away From Home**3/25/2019  1  
Ken's method3/20/2019  1  
what now?3/19/2019  0  
Meeting people3/15/2019  3  
Laura at Club Nite Life3/14/2019  0  
Laura at Club Nite Life3/14/2019  0  
Laura at Club Nite Life3/14/2019  0  
Caring for the Caregiver3/14/2019  2  
Alone inside trying to stay warm3/14/2019  0