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looking for cock3/22/2009  5  
Nothing but a jock strap (from another Persona)3/22/2009  0  
Neighbors!3/22/2009  5  
Had a bad day???3/22/2009  0  
What the hell?3/22/2009  6  
good times in cameron highlands...3/22/2009  11  
Threesome 4 my fuck buddy3/21/2009  1  
Whats in a "smirk"?3/21/2009  2  
Where'd all the old bloggers go?3/21/2009  5  
I am so excited.....3/21/2009  7  
What is your REAL objection??3/21/2009  9  
something out of nothing3/21/2009  0  
The Booty Call.....What do you call it?3/21/2009  1  
afternoon suprise3/21/2009  0  
no seed grows in the reign of debt3/21/2009  1  
I WISH.....3/21/2009  1  
What'd you put in my hair?? Is it semen??3/21/2009  1  
Again.....3/21/2009  4  
I want to fuck you, not marry you..3/21/2009  4  
holy fuck fake intros3/21/2009  6  
When is rough sex to rough?3/21/2009  4  
First new story in about one month...3/21/2009  0  
For the ladies: about men3/21/2009  3  
Who I want to fuck3/20/2009  5  
I just want to eat some pussy3/20/2009  0  
Laughing orgasms: Next to crying orgasms, these are the best, right?3/20/2009  4  
How do they do it?...3/20/2009  3  
ya know what pisses me off...??3/20/2009  5  
7 days and counting...3/20/2009  1  
You're going to love this3/20/2009  4  
I like to be teased, but.....3/20/2009  5  
I need someone to have sex with my cousin3/20/2009  23  
T.G.I.F.3/20/2009  0  
I think i think tooooo much3/20/2009  7  
one night....3/19/2009  10  
Gifts. . .3/19/2009  1  
For harder days harder fun???3/19/2009  5  
which would you pick3/19/2009  3  
Sailing two( for those who wanted part two)3/19/2009  4  
Tanushree Dutta3/19/2009  0  
A Question on Hosting Festivities?3/19/2009  8  
P.S. "I could eat a peach for hours."3/18/2009  3  
Hump day3/18/2009  0  
can't loose for winning...lol3/18/2009  2  
that's funny i don't care who you are..3/18/2009  6  
The shameful story3/18/2009  5  
what comes next....3/18/2009  2  
HERstory :)3/18/2009  5  
Sexploration3/18/2009  0  
encounter3/17/2009  0