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Wildflowers and Chaos3/25/2021  3  
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E.I. by Nelly w/pics3/25/2021  6  
Asexual Wife, part 33/23/2021  1  
Kitten Confessions: Other Doms in a fantasy world.... The kitten is more than meets the eye!3/23/2021  2  
Frustration from lack of actual meet ups3/23/2021  0  
My Personal Pornstar pt23/22/2021  0  
Super long rant with an actual conversation that happened.3/22/2021  2  
My Straight roommate love to see me naked and stroking my cock3/22/2021  1  
Part II Unexpected Friend3/21/2021  0  
Expert Service for You3/21/2021  1  
Expert Service for You3/21/2021  0  
What's ur favorite way to finish3/20/2021  8  
Female Fantasies3/19/2021  0  
Why More Women Should Consider Ethical Non-Monogamy3/19/2021  0  
gloryhole for straight bi curious and married3/18/2021  0  
Ride Wit Me by Nelly with pics3/18/2021  5  
TPA3/17/2021  0  
Canoe ride3/17/2021  0  
Expert Service for You3/17/2021  0  
Expert Service for You3/17/2021  0  
Tim and Abbie 50: At the Pub for the match3/16/2021  0  
Sex & Intimacy In Foreplay3/16/2021  3  
Just the Facts3/16/2021  10  
Sexual Vampires3/16/2021  6  
Official Member of the Waterfalls Brigade – and it’s not even my fault3/15/2021  2  
anyone fro m boston3/15/2021  0  
A memorable AdultFriendFinder experience3/15/2021  0  
She came so much it went all over me3/14/2021  0  
kidnapped3/14/2021  5  
NOSES TELLS YOU3/14/2021  3  
Straight Shooter3/12/2021  4  
You got something, just right there.3/12/2021  2  
Capi3/12/2021  4  
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should...3/10/2021  16  
Cum Get Drained3/9/2021  0  
Settling In..3/8/2021  3  
Total Mind fuck.3/7/2021  0  
#superstraight3/6/2021  0  
New neighbour – part III3/6/2021  0  
Bisexual Married couples3/6/2021  3  
Who You Are3/6/2021  12  
Exploring My Desires3/6/2021  0  
Blogging intro and Ginger goes to Nashville3/5/2021  5  
Walking around nude in front of my Straight roommate he loves it3/4/2021  0  
Hello kinky guys. It seems that 90% of my readers are guys.3/3/2021  2  
Cum Get Drained3/3/2021  0  
Tuesday night with the Spawn.3/3/2021  14  
Cum Get Drained3/2/2021  0