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A wonderful massage8/7/2020  9  
Happy is...... as Happy Does.8/7/2020  2  
Desire and passion.....8/7/2020  0  
Panorama of Fantasy8/6/2020  3  
A Date From Many Years Ago8/5/2020  9  
Dessert Delivery (M/F)8/5/2020  2  
I love frenchLesbien poetry8/5/2020  2  
Senses8/4/2020  3  
An Old 'Friend'8/4/2020  7  
im back8/3/2020  1  
Pictures8/3/2020  10  
Venom8/1/2020  0  
"You read me well Better Than I read myself I like you best When there is no one else" - for you8/1/2020  3  
Patience7/31/2020  10  
E143: Afterward: Donald’s school reunion7/31/2020  2  
E142: Five years later - the end?7/31/2020  0  
**WARNING**7/30/2020  12  
Fucked in my Office (fiction)7/30/2020  5  
E141: Their life goes on7/30/2020  0  
It's Been A While........7/29/2020  11  
E140: And More of a New Direction7/29/2020  0  
Desired7/29/2020  2  
missionary7/28/2020  12  
A Great Weekend7/28/2020  1  
E139: A new direction7/28/2020  0  
E138: Things are considered7/27/2020  0  
The Interview: Female submission...7/27/2020  0  
My fuck toy7/26/2020  10  
E137: The end of the honeymoon and the start of a tradition7/26/2020  0  
E136: Back home7/25/2020  0  
A Great Day7/25/2020  0  
The Fires of Our Passion7/25/2020  3  
Sissy Musings7/25/2020  0  
E135: What is happening on the Cape7/24/2020  0  
E134: The honeymoon continues7/23/2020  0  
E134: The honeymoon continues7/22/2020  0  
Film at 117/22/2020  4  
Ala Orgy goddess (African anthology) Part 27/22/2020  0  
E133: The honeymoon7/22/2020  0  
Erotica7/21/2020  4  
E132: The honeymoon begins7/21/2020  0  
Kinky Dreams7/21/2020  1  
Encounter7/20/2020  10  
The AdultFriendFinder days of my life!7/20/2020  0  
Watched in the Shower7/19/2020  3  
Loving Caress7/19/2020  3  
I tried to seduce a couple and failed.7/17/2020  4  
Encore, Soon, please (please, please)7/17/2020  1  
Giving it up to a MAN the first time!!7/17/2020  0  
Little role play, and if we played.7/17/2020  9