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My first post6/15/2021  2  
Switcheroo6/15/2021  0  
Giving Up Control6/15/2021  1  
Swinger6/14/2021  0  
The locker room6/14/2021  0  
Cum one, Cum all!6/14/2021  1  
Your favorite fantasy6/14/2021  0  
Are we there yet6/13/2021  0  
What's your freak number??6/13/2021  0  
Kink Parties6/13/2021  0  
The story begins?6/13/2021  0  
All you ever wanted to know about "Ortolans"6/13/2021  3  
You daren't think, so you live in a dream.😴🌌6/12/2021  1  
Another Fantasy6/12/2021  1  
7 years later6/12/2021  2  
Fantasy6/12/2021  1  
Fantasy6/11/2021  0  
Fantasy6/11/2021  0  
Happy Anniversary......a fantasy fulfilled6/10/2021  0  
FICTION - Birthday Surprise Ch. 36/10/2021  6  
Fantasy of multiple couples and poker6/9/2021  3  
Today's My Birthday!6/9/2021  0  
frisky bbw fantasy6/9/2021  0  
After a few days on AdultFriendFinder6/8/2021  2  
About me... And Becoming a Hotwife6/7/2021  2  
Want to have a group….6/7/2021  0  
The Down & Dirty, Tallie's Continuing Education6/6/2021  2  
I enjoy all sex I say no to nothing hardly!!!6/6/2021  0  
My BountyShared fantasy part 26/5/2021  1  
From Fantasy to Reality6/4/2021  0  
Fantasies or Truth6/4/2021  0  
My BountyShared fantasy6/3/2021  0  
STRAIGHT- NO CHASER6/3/2021  1  
Finding a "wife" for 3some, gangbang6/3/2021  3  
Looking for Ms. Fantasy...6/2/2021  0  
Fantasy....6/1/2021  1  
Agame Studio5/31/2021  0  
Being a woman fantasy.5/31/2021  0  
I am now fully vaccinated.5/31/2021  2  
I’m pretty. At 5′ nothing and 110 lbs, I get a lot of attention but I never acted on it.5/30/2021  0  
The Post-Middle-Age Sexual Dilemma5/30/2021  0  
Chewing on Taboo ( Tales From the Clit )5/30/2021  0  
Players for fantasies. What fantasy would you like to participate in with us?5/29/2021  0  
Breaking and Entering: A bit of Erotica, Part II5/28/2021  5  
The Shower Part 15/27/2021  0  
A Fantasy of mine5/27/2021  0  
fuck thee5/26/2021  2  
A question for the ladies, for my lady.5/25/2021  1  
Webster/Clear Lake Meet for drinks, possibly more,,,,,,5/25/2021  1