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What is your favorite position?4/29/2020  27  
How Long Has It Been- Short Story Intro4/28/2020  4  
friends with benefits4/26/2020  1  
Fantasies in the workplace.4/24/2020  1  
Let me be your boy-toy. (Food for thought)4/24/2020  7  
Fantasies4/24/2020  2  
Sexy cd Antoinette2017 wants to be sub sissy this Saturday4/23/2020  0  
Fantasy Island???4/23/2020  11  
Threesome Thursday4/23/2020  4  
Post Carona fantasies?4/22/2020  1  
I'm upset.4/22/2020  19  
My First Public Sexual Encounter4/21/2020  2  
Mother-in-law fantasy4/20/2020  2  
Hotel Fun pt. 1!4/19/2020  1  
Need to cum bad4/18/2020  0  
This is for a "Special" person. My short story.4/17/2020  2  
Daddies and Baby Girls4/16/2020  5  
Playing Dress Up?4/16/2020  0  
šŸ–„šŸ–±šŸŽ¬ Come forth!4/16/2020  7  
SO MANY THINGS TO GET4/16/2020  1  
A fantasy to share4/15/2020  0  
Ladies, Give Us Men Something To Flirt With You About4/14/2020  3  
Submissive Wife- Back Alley Line Up!4/13/2020  1  
Femme Dommes4/13/2020  0  
Pick your favorite fantasy4/11/2020  53  
WOMEN OVER 40, FANTASY?? PICK 14/11/2020  1  
Taboo fantasies4/11/2020  1  
"And I love you religiously With everything inside of me..." - deep sigh4/10/2020  3  
In search of an affair4/10/2020  5  
My Masturbation Fantasy....4/10/2020  0  
It's time.4/9/2020  1  
Qustions and Answers4/9/2020  0  
Command Performance4/9/2020  0  
šŸ–„šŸ–± What is yours?4/9/2020  8  
Femme dommes4/9/2020  0  
Fantasy gang bang4/7/2020  24  
Iā€™m one lucky Uber driver.4/7/2020  2  
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ( Act V )4/7/2020  1  
Join with wildest fantasy world4/7/2020  0  
Phobia VS Sexual Preference4/6/2020  4  
Ladies help4/6/2020  4  
USE TO BE HIS FANTASY4/5/2020  0  
Need Help Fulfilling My Fantasy4/5/2020  0  
Fulfilling My Fantasy & I Need Your Help4/5/2020  0  
It's Not Over Yet4/4/2020  2  
Post Pandemic Fantasy Request4/4/2020  4  
Storytime #14/3/2020  0  
he was calling me a horny slut when he made me cum4/3/2020  0  
Things Are Looking Up4/3/2020  9