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His Fantasy 他的幻想8/14/2021  5  
Hotel room reserved8/13/2021  1  
Brian and the Beginning8/11/2021  0  
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Decades had flown by before we ran into Brian8/6/2021  0  
The great outdoors, part 18/5/2021  0  
Massage Gone Too Far8/5/2021  13  
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Breeder Wives. Is this really a thing?8/3/2021  10  
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Fantasy Story...or is it?7/31/2021  0  
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Dichotomy7/30/2021  1  
Next fantasy7/30/2021  10  
My Fantasy7/30/2021  9  
Crossfire - Part 27/29/2021  0  
Let's have fun7/28/2021  1  
fantasy manifestation7/27/2021  1  
It is rainy days7/27/2021  13  
ARMY GUY7/25/2021  4  
It's Been Fun7/25/2021  5  
Weekend Getaway Fantasy7/24/2021  0  
What's Your Fantasy..???7/24/2021  2  
What's your ultimate fantasy experience using this site?7/23/2021  0  
Hiking is so much fun!7/23/2021  0  
Part 5 OH WHAT A NIGHT7/22/2021  0  
Fantasies7/22/2021  18  
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Some things aren't the same7/20/2021  15  
Porn fantasy7/20/2021  2  
Conversations With My Fantasy7/19/2021  0  
Living Out My Dreams7/19/2021  1  
I think it might be time for that adventure for the summer or longer7/18/2021  2  
Camming dreams7/17/2021  0  
Fantasy blogger continues...7/16/2021  0  
My Metro fantasy7/16/2021  4  
Aphrodisiacs of the Tongue7/16/2021  15  
Wonders of the Mind7/16/2021  0  
Teachers7/15/2021  0