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Blocked List1/16/2020  2  
oh boy. lol. do some homework1/14/2020  0  
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Any Tips?1/13/2020  0  
ANd people ask me about "local"?1/12/2020  17  
Profile1/12/2020  0  
Seek_Fantasies1/12/2020  2  
"She is looking to expand her horizons with a woman"1/12/2020  11  
Who wants to see a crotch shot as the profile pictures in profiles you see?1/10/2020  8  
This site1/10/2020  4  
"Shifty" Profiles1/10/2020  10  
Things I Like1/9/2020  0  
Dear AdultFriendFinder1/9/2020  7  
Some People Just Don't Get It1/9/2020  0  
add points to me plz1/9/2020  1  
Age and Attachments.1/9/2020  1  
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FAQ1/8/2020  0  
Wading through the swamp1/7/2020  0  
Dear Potential Additions1/6/2020  0  
Shit that is not real.1/4/2020  0  
Fake profiles1/4/2020  0  
Why Am I Here?1/3/2020  6  
HOT couple sex1/1/2020  6  
The measure of a man here is a pic of him holding a beer can up to his dick?1/1/2020  0  
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careful out there.12/27/2019  1  
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A promising New Year?12/26/2019  0  
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"Verified" Scammers12/21/2019  6  
Photos are a must and other reasons I don't respond12/21/2019  7