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The Mostly Innocent Looking, Dirty Minded, Liberated Sexual Creatures Amongst Us10/24/2019  1  
SPREAD: Seductive Circe10/13/2019  7  
yes -or- no10/10/2019  12  
Surprise Truck Stop Dogging10/2/2019  18  
Beach fun9/10/2019  0  
Femdom Games No8 - Repetition8/31/2019  0  
Here's a taster ......8/19/2019  0  
Part 38/17/2019  0  
House Specialities On Offer ... Part 18/16/2019  1  
"Swallow my fable, I was not enough With my eyes closed, still dancing in your love..."8/3/2019  3  
Kiss Me ;)8/2/2019  3  
A Genie Granted Love A Poem7/23/2019  2  
Are you a fit?7/9/2019  2  
E094: The bright lights of New York City7/8/2019  0  
No Kismet Moment A Poem7/7/2019  2  
and by “dancer build” i mean.....7/7/2019  2  
sweet smell of success7/5/2019  0  
A Rant About Men A Poem7/1/2019  4  
Feeling horny, need a lunch date6/13/2019  5  
Memory Lane or How to Make a Dentist Happy! :)6/6/2019  2  
Fuck Spiritually5/29/2019  0  
The neighbor and the Frenchie5/14/2019  4  
I was only trying to help5/14/2019  1  
Post for Lonly and Paul Drink Porn5/8/2019  12  
Sixty Nine, always divine5/1/2019  17  
Fun in a bar4/24/2019  0  
Old friend who is now Kinky4/23/2019  1  
Homage To My Beautiful Young Male Lover4/18/2019  3  
+ Carita del Sol 👅👄😻😲👀4/16/2019  5  
Wedding dress blues...4/12/2019  2  
My second meeting with Gypsy4/5/2019  2  
E073: A shopping trip together4/4/2019  0  
Orgasmic Peaks3/4/2019  3  
The Weird Story of “The Man They Couldn’t Hang”2/25/2019  2  
It's All About Rhythm, the Rhythm Divine2/19/2019  10  
The Truth About Sex2/12/2019  0  
Proper Breathing Brings Better Health2/7/2019  3  
Getting Down And Dirty With My Hoe2/7/2019  6  
"Under heavy skies in the rain Grab my hand and we're chasing the train..."1/29/2019  3  
Rear View Mirror1/24/2019  2  
New Year Greeted12/31/2018  3  
Why the Pilgrims were actually able to survive12/29/2018  2  
Im Yours - Jason Mraz12/29/2018  0  
Merry Christmas!12/25/2018  2  
ED Enchantment12/25/2018  0  
L'Art de Savoir Parler aux Femmes - PART 212/24/2018  2  
LES dossiers des FAKES : le cas AimerLaVie5912/22/2018  11  
Don't you just know it ?12/16/2018  3  
Centuries-Old Ninja Oath Warns of Divine Wrath12/10/2018  4  
Sunday Driver🚗🎢😎🚔12/1/2018  1