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Song : Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (by Rod Stewart)6/29/2017  0  
Do You Recognize me from AdultFriendFinder?? Jenny Ganley from Shorewood?6/27/2017  6  
Taste Divine6/24/2017  1  
SLOW BURN OF LUST6/23/2017  6  
Let it be6/15/2017  14  
PrideFest Milwaukee Style!!!6/13/2017  0  
Thought to Ponder !!!!! Dream or Reality???6/6/2017  0  
the cat's meow...6/4/2017  11  
The willow submits to the wind and prospers until one day it is many willows5/17/2017  5  
I want to reconcile the violence in your heart , I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask5/14/2017  1  
Behind Mr. Houghmagandie5/3/2017  2  
+++ What an honor!4/27/2017  7  
Unique rencontre4/26/2017  9  
A Thoroughly Filthy Threesome4/24/2017  0  
Flowers4/21/2017  3  
Cirrus fibratus sky anomaly4/14/2017  0  
...In Which Ginger's All GumB'd Up4/10/2017  7  
Plesantly Suprised and Satisfied4/5/2017  0  
Sore Again3/29/2017  8  
Circuit3/29/2017  5  
Sexy woman, where are you? I need a girlfriendđź’‹3/27/2017  3  
Breathless3/27/2017  7  
SEX I'M A....3/20/2017  0  
Handling The Squirrel Problem...............3/14/2017  5  
A message to the people of Earth, from the People of Pluto:3/12/2017  4  
Words that I luv to hear... over, and over, and over... hmm...3/9/2017  3  
...In Which Ginger Procrastinates3/6/2017  8  
Heart Shaped Valentine3/2/2017  4  
rocket ship exploration2/27/2017  1  
Finding My Nu Bytch2/25/2017  0  
Sandi2/19/2017  0  
Watch your breath fill you2/19/2017  3  
Spontaneous is best!2/19/2017  7  
Which is the Angel2/15/2017  1  
DIVINE POWER2/15/2017  12  
Where Did Satan Come From?2/14/2017  4  
Vadim's2/9/2017  2  
DIVINE CAROLINE1/30/2017  0  
Blessed/Cursed with a desire??1/2/2017  0  
12/27/1612/27/2016  2  
Friday Universe....WOW! It's talking directly to me....12/23/2016  11  
Where would a Kiss take us?12/20/2016  4  
thimble full of time12/16/2016  3  
Ouroboros12/12/2016  2  
Susan Boyle sings this on Larry King live -check it out12/6/2016  4  
Spiritual Monday Universe11/21/2016  4  
Strangers in the Night - Chapter 211/20/2016  0  
Goddess of Sensuality, Passion, Beauty and Love; Let's talk about Tantra11/18/2016  1  
Does 'Cage-Free' Mean a Better Life for Chickens?11/11/2016  2