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just for the record9/14/2019  3  
I think I have become immune to men...9/9/2019  17  
My example8/30/2019  0  
Paying the bills....8/27/2019  4  
New Friends8/25/2019  4  
Behind the dumpster8/20/2019  5  
"Free Drinks All Around"8/17/2019  2  
3 p's8/15/2019  3  
Casey's Trophy Wife8/11/2019  7  
To whom it may Concern8/3/2019  9  
Keeping it in the family!8/3/2019  1  
Patriotism Lack of sex & men who prefer woman in weave8/2/2019  7  
Starting to piss me off7/29/2019  0  
"Sounds of silence".7/27/2019  6  
The world of Eloe7/26/2019  0  
Creature Comforts and Evictions7/25/2019  5  
Mother of My Best Friend Ch. 047/19/2019  0  
Cock worship7/18/2019  0  
Situational Submission7/16/2019  6  
broadcast requests7/16/2019  1  
Everyone needs a good side piece.7/15/2019  3  
dogging,rimming wanking7/7/2019  1  
Dogs and Balls7/3/2019  0  
Hot golden shower!7/3/2019  1  
do people really fall out of love if they were in love to start6/29/2019  0  
How high would you go....6/20/2019  17  
Can I just have my fun?6/19/2019  9  
Boxers6/19/2019  1  
i guess i need to start a blog6/12/2019  1  
OMG,, HOME SWEET HOME..6/12/2019  4  
A low key weekend6/10/2019  3  
Funky Friday thoughts...6/7/2019  1  
Boxing this weekend5/28/2019  2  
E079: The beginning of Tuesday on the road5/14/2019  0  
Just shut up and laugh damn you!5/14/2019  15  
Apparently I am RUDE... Who knew?5/12/2019  1  
Porn Studio Ideas5/12/2019  0  
Art of Deep Throat Bondage5/6/2019  1  
I sucked on an old friend's huge big cock5/4/2019  3  
Tiny business woman blows me in my office.4/24/2019  1  
Piss4/17/2019  0  
My storied youth4/12/2019  1  
Clearwater Hyatt4/11/2019  0  
Poll: Do you use porn to masturbate?4/11/2019  25  
So, You Want An Answer...4/9/2019  4  
**College Girl's Adventures Away From Home**4/9/2019  0  
Open Relationship ?!? WTF ?4/9/2019  0  
Bathtime Surprise! A Nephew's Story4/5/2019  31  
Destroyed ass, piss face by 3....4/5/2019  1  
Doe's this site piss u off too4/4/2019  0