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my life is so embarrassing1/12/2019  2  
I am collared....1/12/2019  1  
Saw it coming...1/8/2019  0  
Silly1/5/2019  1  
Reprise1/4/2019  6  
George Carlin's seven dirty words12/31/2018  1  
Oh So Stupid12/30/2018  6  
Very horny12/29/2018  0  
Life and me12/29/2018  0  
welcome12/28/2018  0  
piss tits12/28/2018  0  
piss love12/28/2018  0  
Piss girl12/28/2018  0  
The Writer's Cautionary Tale12/27/2018  0  
Piss poor AdultFriendFinder policy12/23/2018  8  
Nasty Cantonese Blowjob12/21/2018  0  
Black Cock at The AMC Universal City12/19/2018  1  
Piss Testing...12/18/2018  0  
Pissed off a few members12/15/2018  9  
the fucked up shit!12/13/2018  1  
Kid napped & R*ped/"You fucking tease!"12/11/2018  0  
Very sad - Sehr trauig !!!!!12/11/2018  9  
This is me distracting myself12/10/2018  7  
E33: Emma’s discovery and the surprise of Pearl Sixteen12/9/2018  0  
Thank you. Next.12/8/2018  0  
Love piss action12/7/2018  0  
A random post about random shit12/6/2018  6  
AdultFriendFinder is a garbage site!12/6/2018  0  
HMMM? This may be a long one..?12/3/2018  4  
Bird Watching12/3/2018  6  
"finger".12/2/2018  6  
Mums Fucks11/29/2018  0  
Punishment11/29/2018  9  
I always say. I am closer to the end than beginning, not a good idea to piss me offJust venting to11/26/2018  2  
all my friends on men nation. you all are smokin hot. thank you11/26/2018  1  
i have11/26/2018  2  
E032: Pearl Fifteen11/25/2018  0  
Welcome to my little corner of AdultFriendFinder11/23/2018  0  
A Mysterious Shower in My Backyard11/19/2018  0  
Today's Turd (special addition) Chuck Schumer11/14/2018  9  
A Captive-ating Weekend11/12/2018  7  
Misguided reasons11/11/2018  2  
Oi shithead.11/5/2018  0  
First Time Golden Showers11/3/2018  0  
He/She does it for me11/2/2018  5  
Fucked By a PG&E Worker10/30/2018  0  
nO-ONE CHATS W/newbies AND IT sucks.10/29/2018  3  
What You Think We Will Do vs. What We Will Actually Do -Part 210/29/2018  0