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A Gloomy Tuesday8/16/2011  5  
Hitting the fan...8/15/2011  3  
Welcome to Wisconsin :)8/13/2011  5  
moooooooo...!!!!8/12/2011  9  
30-day celibacy challenge?!8/10/2011  3  
Apologies...8/3/2011  2  
If I didn't have bad luck.....8/1/2011  3  
Week of Vacation8/1/2011  0  
Weird Sex Laws7/27/2011  12  
Back in Wisconsin7/20/2011  3  
I got nuttin7/7/2011  1  
Perfect Domina Aus dem SM-Postfach6/18/2011  2  
Pussy Eatin'6/14/2011  6  
Sometimes they just make you laugh...5/25/2011  4  
almost time or me to go.5/24/2011  2  
Goin' up North5/19/2011  6  
An Unexpectedly Busy Day5/18/2011  8  
And so ... The birds are singing5/18/2011  0  
Gawd I love Spring!5/17/2011  1  
First things4/24/2011  1  
Charity, begins at home4/21/2011  3  
mothers - does breastfeeding protect against breast cancer ?4/9/2011  0  
Random catch-up.4/6/2011  5  
You are Fired4/5/2011  0  
DOGS ALLOWED3/30/2011  3  
Another first, This time it is the first time asking for sex...3/28/2011  5  
The BEST laid plans3/23/2011  2  
Thunder-Snow in Wisconsin3/23/2011  0  
Stryker’s Musings of the Day…3/16/2011  1  
Can you talk when the conversation itself is illegitimate?3/11/2011  3  
Well, well, well3/10/2011  1  
Always something3/10/2011  2  
Those sneaky underhanded sons-of-guns3/9/2011  5  
the morning after3/1/2011  6  
Well, groovey guys and groovey gals2/28/2011  1  
I'd be reticent...2/26/2011  1  
Dems hiding in plain 'spite'2/25/2011  0  
Deluded poor people2/24/2011  5  
Its travel time once again...2/23/2011  0  
I raise my can of diet coke to the Future!2/22/2011  0  
Overdue2/21/2011  2  
a good day2/21/2011  1  
Wisconsin2/20/2011  3  
Another example of (arsehole) union mentality...2/20/2011  0  
Say you generally liked...2/17/2011  0  
Hearing about all of the school closures and layoffs of police/fire men yet?2/15/2011  0  
she's a packer fan too2/6/2011  8  
Three Friends Married Women From Different Parts Of The US--The Difference If One Is A North Carolin2/4/2011  6  
There is a legend not far from me!2/2/2011  27