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July Blues7/10/2020  3  
Looking for strong Dominant woman7/10/2020  0  
Why do I still come here?7/7/2020  1  
Monday, July 6, 20207/6/2020  0  
**** Gummy Edibles Or Not ****7/5/2020  18  
DOES THIS MEAN I'M GAY??6/28/2020  3  
"Feel it in my bones This anticipation See her through the smoke So hard to be patient..."6/21/2020  3  
The Jokes On Me6/20/2020  1  
Another Take on a sissy boy’s fantasy6/14/2020  0  
A Sissy Boy’s Fantasy Come True6/14/2020  0  
Coincidence?6/13/2020  1  
All my relationships started out as hookups!6/12/2020  6  
a pagan unicorn's chant, long/longer/longest version 2.06/12/2020  0  
LATEST POLITICAL BULLSHIT AD - from guess who ?6/9/2020  7  
FUCK MY HORSE DICK RAW....6/8/2020  3  
Smoke?6/1/2020  0  
Unruly Switch6/1/2020  0  
So, the Evictions begin again....5/29/2020  2  
A long overdue return...5/28/2020  5  
Not all Meets are the Same5/26/2020  1  
Sensual Stories Painted Red: Stripped5/25/2020  2  
Feeling human again....5/22/2020  2  
Are There Any Good Guys out There?5/21/2020  9  
BBC this Saturday for Kyra5/21/2020  3  
This is a sad time again for all Canadians.5/18/2020  15  
Black Male who Loves Masturbation Seeking Women or Couples who wants to Watch5/16/2020  0  
At home and bored! Dark and light im ready now5/16/2020  0  
Let's Be Honest....5/15/2020  20  
Adrenalized me5/14/2020  3  
Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf5/12/2020  3  
Very fun man5/9/2020  0  
Hang out5/7/2020  0  
i hope one is okay5/7/2020  0  
SHIT Ever Wonder???5/5/2020  7  
Candy Licker by Marvin Sease5/4/2020  2  
Lockdown fever - pt 4: Cristal clear5/3/2020  5  
This isolation is brutal!!!5/3/2020  0  
Indian Outlaw by Tim McGraw5/3/2020  2  
Sensual Stories Painted Red - To Her Delight5/3/2020  3  
Wild Thoughts5/2/2020  7  
Smoke a bowl4/30/2020  1  
When To Answer a Possible Booty Call4/30/2020  7  
Cum smoke with me4/28/2020  1  
90 degrees and with a stiff dick4/25/2020  0  
Looking for contact4/23/2020  4  
A bit from her:4/23/2020  2  
Musical Memories4/19/2020  16  
emma of the night: cheating boyfriend4/19/2020  0