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Hot steamy night so i thought...... gag toys bed straps6/13/2021  1  
I'm still wanting to try this, and yet no one has wanted to do this to me yet.6/8/2021  0  
I'm still wanting to try this, and yet no one has wanted to do this to me yet.6/8/2021  0  
I just want to lick....6/7/2021  0  
Take me part 866/5/2021  0  
She will get the job6/5/2021  0  
Take me part 846/5/2021  0  
Weird..6/2/2021  0  
Restrained Fun5/31/2021  0  
Bbc for wife5/29/2021  0  
This morning was fun!5/29/2021  2  
Back to Normal5/28/2021  0  
My dildo arrived5/28/2021  0  
smh this is BUllshit5/26/2021  0  
Hucow??5/26/2021  0  
story ver 0.15/26/2021  0  
I hate it when that happens5/25/2021  5  
Taralectable!5/25/2021  2  
My Scorpio Guys can be so 'annoying' cute...5/24/2021  2  
Swap partners and have fun5/24/2021  1  
Travelling companions?5/22/2021  0  
A little surprise5/20/2021  1  
FIRE AdultFriendFinder 3SOME5/19/2021  0  
A Break From Innocence - Part Two5/18/2021  0  
Awoke to someone calling out my name....5/18/2021  3  
Promise realized. Or not.5/17/2021  16  
Since I am super busy and have poor time mgmt skills, I thought I should start a blog5/15/2021  0  
Women, what would you think if your man gave you a dance like this?5/15/2021  0  
Angry5/15/2021  9  
FICTION - Birthday Surprise Ch. 25/13/2021  3  
Nipples.....5/12/2021  6  
Testing the blog out... Be gentle5/11/2021  3  
GOLDSTARisback Masturbation Dreamscape5/11/2021  1  
Male Pictures ad Profiles5/9/2021  16  
wishlist5/8/2021  0  
Cabin In The Mountains4/28/2021  6  
A fruitful week so far4/27/2021  2  
Had to Edit My Profile...4/27/2021  3  
Prelude to Whatever from "That Saturday Night ... Fever" part 6.4/22/2021  0  
It was a sports bra debacle!4/20/2021  19  
Know Your Plumbing Guys4/19/2021  12  
Only in Walmart4/18/2021  14  
Sacrificing Intimacy4/16/2021  11  
this place4/13/2021  1  
Do you have weird neighbors?4/9/2021  7  
Q&A Time... Yes, I stole this concept...4/9/2021  0  
SHHH4/8/2021  0  
Weird Turn-Offs4/6/2021  0  
Fucking on a first date. That's ok right? :P Asking for a friend...4/3/2021  13  
IS AdultFriendFinder MAN FLORIDA MAN?4/3/2021  0