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this is about us and why we are here9/29/2019  1  
Starting off as a self-sucker and loving my own dick9/27/2019  3  
Secret Videos9/26/2019  11  
My infamous profile novel9/25/2019  2  
Will be on Cam 12am EST cum watch me ;)9/25/2019  2  
Cam thoughts...9/24/2019  5  
Time flies when you are too busy to know what day it is9/23/2019  14  
Color ;)9/23/2019  3  
Weird place to be thinking this9/23/2019  0  
My Huckleberry9/23/2019  14  
E109: Donald begins telling about his former subjects: Tuesday afternoon9/23/2019  0  
Saturday Post Script9/21/2019  3  
The Anatomy of Sexual Attraction9/21/2019  6  
my English Lady Friends9/21/2019  9  
Once upon a time, you were my everything...9/18/2019  9  
Have you ever fallen in and out of love 10 times in 45 mins...9/13/2019  6  
Special K9/11/2019  0  
Live Good Sex Life9/9/2019  2  
Am I Losing It?9/8/2019  14  
1st time...9/7/2019  5  
Enigma Initiative9/7/2019  9  
Sharing location (not) and photo ID (not)9/7/2019  1  
seriousy?!?!9/5/2019  13  
Tell me...9/4/2019  0  
Montreal Fetsih Weekend 20199/2/2019  2  
Sorry, no matches were found according to your request9/1/2019  1  
How do you like to be "Turned Down?"9/1/2019  0  
24th Anniversary 8/12/19 - guest starring Old Tim8/30/2019  3  
Bored at work and alone8/29/2019  1  
8/7/19 - Hot Wife Fun w/ Jim8/29/2019  1  
Another Post8/28/2019  2  
One more chance8/27/2019  12  
naked8/26/2019  7  
Why I don't want to see him yet...8/25/2019  4  
This is what i want !!8/25/2019  0  
everyone knows8/24/2019  4  
Bail out.8/22/2019  18  
Initiating Conversation8/22/2019  2  
There's always strip joint rules8/21/2019  13  
Well Hello there and some randomness8/18/2019  1  
****Nine Important Facts To Remember As We Grow Older****8/17/2019  22  
Not The Surprise I Expected8/14/2019  1  
FUN SEXY WEIRD8/14/2019  7  
For Lynn, Glasgow.8/12/2019  1  
The apartment8/12/2019  0  
What happens tomorrow?8/11/2019  0  
Marrying far...8/9/2019  3  
Baby coming home...8/8/2019  3