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'Pet'2/9/2020  3  
ORGASMS YOWZER2/9/2020  0  
Meeting a Cuckold Couple2/8/2020  13  
Dudes be needin' some Academy Awards.....2/6/2020  0  
Ms. Curvaceous2/5/2020  2  
do you enjoy work colleagues?2/3/2020  1  
口罩 Mask for Coronavirus2/3/2020  0  
NFL Super Bowl Pick and Other News2/1/2020  5  
Freakin' Friday1/31/2020  0  
a daily madness1/30/2020  2  
a daily madness1/30/2020  0  
A dream1/30/2020  1  
another day of weird news1/29/2020  0  
My first deep throat experience.1/29/2020  0  
Two months already?!1/27/2020  5  
Taboos1/25/2020  6  
The stars were aligned and the heavens fell into to place....1/25/2020  6  
So is it really getting strange out there?1/24/2020  6  
Some people ask weird stuff1/24/2020  2  
And the fuzzy stole the show....1/23/2020  10  
“You Just Can’t Look Away”1/21/2020  13  
Recovering from the holidays1/20/2020  3  
Looking for a smart, kinky, discreet FWB1/19/2020  0  
Why cant people be honest?1/17/2020  0  
Why cant people be honest?1/17/2020  4  
Anyone have any Weird Sexual Fantasies?1/16/2020  1  
Why I blocked my page.1/15/2020  4  
slut1/15/2020  3  
My Dick Literally Drives Them Crazy1/14/2020  0  
Water vessel or starship? PART 21/13/2020  10  
"She is looking to expand her horizons with a woman"1/12/2020  11  
How to “Kid”nap a Goat in One Easy Lesson :P1/11/2020  5  
Get past the sphincter muscle, most pleasing1/11/2020  0  
A Meet! An Actual Meet!1/10/2020  6  
She Needs a Ten1/10/2020  0  
Is it normal1/9/2020  0  
Simple choices1/9/2020  1  
Is it normal1/9/2020  2  
Where's The Last Rattler?!1/9/2020  0  
WORDS TO LIVE BY1/8/2020  0  
New Year New Starts - Sort Of1/8/2020  0  
Weird Mom Moment...1/7/2020  16  
Puff puff pass someone please touch my ass1/5/2020  0  
Stepping Out1/5/2020  1  
keeping a public list of creeps, jerks, sick twisted losers and rude s.o.b.'s1/5/2020  0  
😻😲👀 What a bout it?1/1/2020  8  
Want 2 taste sum pussy.12/30/2019  1  
Who The Hell Speaks Latin These Days?12/29/2019  0  
Sitting here bored12/28/2019  16  
And.... Cut!12/26/2019  5