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3 Card Masturbation Draw12/2/2020  0  
will you help me remove my manhood?12/1/2020  0  
lets do injections to kill my boys12/1/2020  0  
What's Love Got To Do with It by Tina Turner w/pics12/1/2020  8  
None Are As Blind As Those With Pain12/1/2020  4  
Pat and he is a man11/30/2020  0  
EMAIL VS. IM11/30/2020  0  
Life with an Aging Brain11/30/2020  4  
I can’t even recall11/29/2020  16  
Sex Questions11/29/2020  6  
Say Yes. Sleep Less.11/26/2020  1  
Lockdown11/26/2020  4  
It happened one night11/25/2020  0  
Trains and Steep Learning Curves...11/24/2020  2  
More than just pleasure11/24/2020  0  
Birthday gangbang 201911/22/2020  0  
Dr. Fauci advice11/22/2020  1  
The Greyness of Being11/22/2020  5  
so what you thinking you might like to do to me?11/21/2020  0  
Do Empaths Exist11/20/2020  13  
A friends experience11/17/2020  19  
I feel the need~~~~~11/16/2020  10  
Click here for my profile text since it keeps getting denied11/13/2020  0  
Click here for my profile text since it keeps getting denied11/13/2020  0  
245 Years Old: Happy Birthday11/10/2020  12  
COTTAGE VIEW...11/10/2020  11  
The Sexless Marriage11/8/2020  4  
He put me first... wow11/8/2020  1  
LET'S GET PHYSICAL11/8/2020  17  
We: The Un-Touch-Ables or Are you my Knuffelcontact?11/7/2020  3  
Just Some FYI About Tests & cheese &&11/5/2020  8  
Eugene oregon11/2/2020  0  
Adam Sandler " Turkey Song" Versus Arlo Guthrie11/1/2020  9  
Dear ladies of the Wicked Wishes11/1/2020  0  
rubber nuns on sunday11/1/2020  2  
Mooning You Tonight10/31/2020  5  
Observations from a middle-aged guy with an average-sized cock10/31/2020  0  
Trump false claim about doctors and money10/31/2020  12  
Did I just discover a kink at age 53?10/29/2020  1  
Chapter 3 - My Ladies10/28/2020  0  
Slowly healing10/26/2020  3  
Just Some Humor or Hysterectomy Train10/25/2020  11  
AdultFriendFinder Profile Requirements, as they should be.10/25/2020  0  
Protected Silence...10/24/2020  2  
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living as a unicorn10/22/2020  0  
Sex as Therapy? Hmm...10/22/2020  14  
Reflections - 202010/21/2020  1  
Bring on those cold temps!10/21/2020  1