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Friends10/1/2017  0  
"Stars spell out your name, like in a sci-fi drama. Romance growing, like a flower in the summer."9/28/2017  4  
Home9/28/2017  10  
Be Careful Who You Date - You Could End Up in a Pie!9/27/2017  7  
messed up9/23/2017  19  
When did you start dressing? My story...9/22/2017  6  
Hotel Story (Last little bit)9/16/2017  2  
Nursemaid Position Available – Apply Now!!9/15/2017  12  
It must be love...9/14/2017  0  
Worse Nurse Curse....9/13/2017  1  
Looking for ANR!9/12/2017  0  
ZZZZzzz9/8/2017  5  
BBC 100 Women: Nine things you didn't know were invented by women9/8/2017  4  
Coffee Addiction9/5/2017  0  
Blacked Out9/1/2017  10  
Its in the will!!8/27/2017  4  
There's a student in medical school who wants to specialize in sexual disorders..............8/27/2017  5  
Pussy Magnet8/25/2017  4  
SUNDAY SEX FEUD8/20/2017  27  
You're not the only one...8/13/2017  7  
Dying of a lonley heart, waiting for the Soulmate.8/12/2017  1  
Irish Saw mill Accident....8/3/2017  2  
A Little More to answer some Questions8/1/2017  0  
Classic question: What if you won the lotto?7/30/2017  10  
Sorry7/28/2017  10  
Don't You Just Hate It When You Have To Wait a Very Long Time In The ER??7/22/2017  2  
loves me. loves me not7/13/2017  0  
AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!7/11/2017  6  
Fakes and Scammers I.D.7/7/2017  0  
The Nurse- Fist Full of Firsts6/26/2017  3  
The Honorable Mention of Mrs Orasi6/24/2017  4  
Happy Thursday Everyone :)6/22/2017  11  
HNW - All in a day's work6/21/2017  14  
Edging6/19/2017  6  
Love Letters...6/18/2017  10  
of love and life...6/14/2017  0  
only in america6/12/2017  0  
Back when (repeat )6/11/2017  2  
Fly the Friendly Skies!6/11/2017  9  
It’s a Shitty Job, butt…..6/11/2017  9  
Apologies Are Necessary, Exhaustion Explained6/10/2017  16  
Hey little cyster.6/8/2017  6  
The visit to the Doctors office6/2/2017  0  
I rather be...6/1/2017  0  
Crappy, No Good, Terrible, Horrible Day...6/1/2017  20  
The Naughty Nurses II5/20/2017  2  
Doctor Patient role play? Pre visit questionaire5/18/2017  0  
The Lovers5/15/2017  0  
Better than expected5/8/2017  2