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What's Your Birthday Says About You? And do you agree, please write below if you do :)11/25/2017  1  
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69 way to please ur hubby that he is a cuckold10/29/2017  1  
that was my ex !!!10/22/2017  12  
Boys night10/20/2017  5  
Boys night10/20/2017  0  
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My last trip: Hong Kong10/17/2017  2  
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Stealing content for fun and profit10/14/2017  4  
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FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS10/4/2017  31  
MR. AND MRS. SNORKY: The Schroeder's9/27/2017  2  
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Monday of a Short Work Week9/25/2017  3  
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October 20179/24/2017  2  
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Tuesday9/19/2017  4  
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FRIDAY!!!9/15/2017  1  
Scientist shocks himself with an electric eel so you don't have to9/15/2017  1  
Kick to 'HIS' ego.....9/14/2017  1  
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Another Johnny and His Teacher Story9/13/2017  4  
My daughter and me balling at a charity ball9/12/2017  0  
Sunday Reflections 9.10.20179/10/2017  1  
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little johnny9/3/2017  4  
Sunday Reflections 9.3.20179/3/2017  4  
FRIDAY!!!9/1/2017  1  
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