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#47- Early Childhood Memory's11/7/2018  13  
Searching for girls who want the same thing?11/6/2018  0  
E024: Being apart11/5/2018  1  
"Rule #8" "Invitations are for pussies..." just sayin... enjoy...11/1/2018  6  
A 17 year old written ramble to self11/1/2018  0  
Fucked By a PG&E Worker10/30/2018  0  
~~~~ Tmptrzz Question Of The Week ~~~~10/25/2018  26  
Liqueur, Liquor, Lickher10/18/2018  11  
Interesting only to me10/11/2018  7  
Road trip10/10/2018  0  
Follow the Yellow Brick Road10/10/2018  5  
harder, better, faster, stronger10/9/2018  6  
Annoying person10/9/2018  0  
Today's thoughts...10/2/2018  0  
If you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make a change10/1/2018  4  
A Cautionary Tale - Don't Misplace Your Trust9/29/2018  6  
Truth In Advertising9/29/2018  6  
Couldn't think of an interesting title so this is all you get.9/24/2018  1  
Busy days...9/23/2018  0  
The Wedding....9/22/2018  4  
Best of Both Worlds9/21/2018  3  
It's Friday.....9/21/2018  3  
Off to hospital.....9/20/2018  2  
The Afterlife of Beetlejuice9/19/2018  1  
If she quacks like a duck......!!!9/19/2018  13  
Quick shower stiffy9/16/2018  0  
Tales of two brides9/15/2018  0  
Yes! It's Friday9/14/2018  3  
Sex Slave To The King: A Fantasy9/3/2018  2  
Bridal...Sweet!8/31/2018  0  
Why a Cross Dresser Might Wear a Corsett8/28/2018  0  
What a HUGE day.....8/26/2018  23  
Cultural Differences8/26/2018  0  
8/25/188/25/2018  0  
...In Which Ginger Gets A Pick-Me-Up8/24/2018  7  
Italian Humor for Monday Night8/20/2018  12  
Bound & Paged Adventures8/20/2018  16  
An Italian Joke (But it would apply to anyone)8/19/2018  0  
Bells are ringing8/17/2018  2  
HNW - W is for Wonder Woman8/15/2018  18  
Can I trust the way I feels?8/12/2018  0  
Every Time I Open My Freezer8/9/2018  20  
Hump Day Laughter8/8/2018  9  
Renaming Humanity8/7/2018  12  
Friday Again8/3/2018  11  
If You As a Woman Are Gonna Cheat At Least Leave Your Wedding Ring On!!8/3/2018  3  
Letting Go of Unpleasant Past Experiences7/30/2018  0  
Moving On...7/19/2018  22