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Shine and funerals7/12/2019  3  
A booty call7/10/2019  2  
E095: Richmond, VA7/9/2019  0  
A simple day out...7/8/2019  5  
E094: The bright lights of New York City7/8/2019  0  
E093: Donald’s Boston home7/7/2019  0  
On Your Table7/7/2019  0  
Burping A Poem7/5/2019  4  
Threesome7/4/2019  1  
Falling In Love, At An Orgy (Chapter-1)7/4/2019  0  
November Rain7/2/2019  2  
Seeking a woman who would like to experience this.........7/2/2019  0  
Hearts perversion By YeffocD7/2/2019  1  
E091: Labor Day7/1/2019  0  
E090: More of Dorothy and Maude’s story6/30/2019  0  
ITS NOT JUST A NUMBER6/30/2019  2  
If It’s the Thought that Counts, then I Should Probably Be in Jail6/29/2019  0  
E089: Sunday on the Cape6/29/2019  0  
A Dreamy Start to a Feet Hit the Ground Running Day6/29/2019  2  
"I lost my ass"!6/26/2019  10  
Sunday, fun day?6/23/2019  2  
E088: Emma’s confession6/22/2019  1  
Three and hubby6/22/2019  3  
Checking....6/21/2019  3  
martini oops...6/18/2019  4  
E086: Out on a sailboat6/18/2019  1  
No News......6/18/2019  5  
Succumbed by your charms6/17/2019  0  
A Girl Becomes a Pet for a cpl6/17/2019  0  
On the other hand6/16/2019  1  
Beach Ride6/16/2019  1  
Take me home tonight6/14/2019  5  
Fraternity Exposure6/14/2019  3  
Chapter 4: My Girlfriend's Mom Turns Up the Heat for Her Daughter6/14/2019  6  
Some tender moments...6/13/2019  3  
Nothing new....6/13/2019  5  
Sensation Play, What Can I Say6/12/2019  3  
Making a carpenters day!6/11/2019  1  
getting a daily dose the next two weeks and learning to deepthroat6/11/2019  4  
Voodoo6/10/2019  2  
A Nasty And Delicate Subject A Poem6/8/2019  2  
Part 7 The Tightrope6/8/2019  1  
Wife feels my friend6/7/2019  3  
more rant and thing of sex with me wtf6/6/2019  0  
5.15 (some erotica for you)6/4/2019  2  
Maurice Monday and Mrs Rosenberg (part 1)6/3/2019  6  
~~A Night Of Raw Naughty Sex~~6/2/2019  23  
Sadness A Poem6/2/2019  6  
Going it solo6/1/2019  7  
E084: Meeting Donald’s aunt6/1/2019  0