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It's 1:23 am.....10/8/2019  0  
Mr. Eats Good10/5/2019  3  
Running late....10/4/2019  3  
Thoughts On The Way South9/24/2019  1  
So we met9/22/2019  0  
Slave to the Truth9/21/2019  7  
My WIfe Made Me Do It9/21/2019  0  
Starry Starry Night9/20/2019  6  
Pounding my Neighbor's Wife9/18/2019  3  
Yo Westside Swingers9/18/2019  0  
Here at The Jersey Shore9/17/2019  8  
Hawaiian Tale Part 39/11/2019  3  
Dorian9/11/2019  5  
1st time...9/7/2019  5  
My Handsome Man9/6/2019  1  
Polar winter coming? lol Polar Coaster ....8/28/2019  7  
Poker Pussy8/19/2019  0  
The postcard8/18/2019  3  
Cute little thing... Part II8/13/2019  19  
Saturday Pool Party8/13/2019  1  
Casey's Trophy Wife8/11/2019  7  
What If They Gave A War And No One Came?8/11/2019  1  
July 28th7/29/2019  6  
New Car Sex7/27/2019  0  
Creature Comforts and Evictions7/25/2019  5  
I'm NOT FINISHED YET! (Photograph Wednesday) HNW7/24/2019  17  
Weird and fun at the same time..7/24/2019  5  
chivalrous alpha vanilla with a nylon foot kink who loves oral7/22/2019  1  
chivalrous alpha vanilla with a nylon foot kink who loves oral7/22/2019  0  
** How to cope with it 🌮😋👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩2️⃣7/19/2019  11  
Ease of Access7/17/2019  1  
A fun night turned into an interesting morning.7/13/2019  2  
Forgetting things....7/11/2019  5  
My Profile for All7/10/2019  4  
The police officer7/8/2019  4  
between my legs7/7/2019  8  
Random Act of Blowjob Success Story7/5/2019  13  
I sucked on his ding dong7/4/2019  2  
+** Our Independence 🌮😋👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩7/4/2019  9  
A Lovely July Night. A Poem7/4/2019  2  
i love be naked hope you are to love7/3/2019  0  
The AdultFriendFinder Blogosphere as a Neighborhood7/3/2019  11  
Bang a Granny7/1/2019  1  
Stretched by a large plug6/30/2019  0  
Rough Draft Of A Perfect Day A Poem6/28/2019  6  
A Friends Fantasy - edited6/23/2019  2  
She'll Never Finish That Novel She's Reading in Bed6/21/2019  7  
lick and tease my asshole please AND thank you6/20/2019  1  
Aww baby do you really have a dilema ? Again?6/13/2019  4  
My first FWB6/11/2019  0