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Marathon Training On Monday - Any Runners Out There?12/28/2019  17  
What I did for today...12/28/2019  4  
Bye Bye Christmas!12/27/2019  2  
The chair12/17/2019  0  
The good neighbor/landlord12/7/2019  0  
E117: Subject I12/4/2019  0  
E116: It is now Donald’s turn12/4/2019  2  
**** Part One Of Have To Have Gifts ****12/3/2019  22  
The Visitor11/30/2019  2  
Mood Medicine ;)11/26/2019  2  
The Scams, they are a-Changin'11/24/2019  4  
looking for....11/23/2019  1  
Long on Fiction, Short on Science: Deconstructing Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park11/17/2019  0  
Focusing elsewhere...11/16/2019  2  
November 711/14/2019  4  
A Stop At Home On The Way To A New Assignment11/13/2019  3  
I'm gonna take a hard pass...11/13/2019  0  
An Update from a Closet Slut11/12/2019  15  
Surrender Sunday11/10/2019  4  
Grace Carle-Marine Sgt Major RIP Thank You For Your Service11/10/2019  11  
Do What I Say Erotic FICTION11/10/2019  4  
Back to Running11/7/2019  3  
Deep Throat11/5/2019  4  
Intersex Pleasure Slave11/3/2019  1  
What ya thinkin?10/25/2019  0  
E112: Wednesday night – two more Subjects10/25/2019  0  
How I seduced a virgin white couple at an interracial swingers party P/T 110/23/2019  0  
It all happened so fast!10/23/2019  13  
Vocabulary Addition #2110/13/2019  3  
I thought I needed first aid training.10/13/2019  3  
Waking up in Adult Friend Finder10/13/2019  0  
Hotel Gym/Sauna...10/13/2019  0  
Some Just Don't Get the Punch Line10/12/2019  6  
Chapter 4 Yokohama Anget10/11/2019  0  
The Irony of Submission10/11/2019  0  
extreme Kinky Domme here looking to a submissive guy who's willing to undergo training online10/11/2019  0  
All a Blurr9/29/2019  2  
ASSUME NOTHING9/25/2019  0  
Time Warp9/25/2019  2  
"Presky Isley"9/24/2019  8  
Slave to the Truth9/21/2019  7  
So much Kindness9/19/2019  4  
Roleplay sissy training.9/13/2019  4  
THE CLEANING LADY - PART 19/12/2019  0  
What happens when you don't sew up your boxer shorts.8/30/2019  4  
Give me a mature one who I do not have to train8/28/2019  13  
Freedom!!!8/26/2019  3  
Flavor of the month (Aug)8/24/2019  4  
guns again8/23/2019  5