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The Runt Of The Pack3/22/2010  2  
shhhhhhh don't speak......3/22/2010  8  
Wait, what was that line again?!3/22/2010  2  
The Name Of The Game - poem by joolish3/22/2010  2  
Life Outside of Blogging3/22/2010  10  
Dinner3/22/2010  16  
Workplace fantasy3/22/2010  0  
Dream a Little Dream of me3/22/2010  2  
Idiot Sightings3/22/2010  0  
Back To Life, Back to Reality...3/22/2010  2  
Conscience free adultery3/22/2010  2  
Im not sick but im not well3/22/2010  0  
Her Office Fantasty3/21/2010  0  
Love The Irish3/21/2010  0  
Is it just me....3/21/2010  0  
Girlfriend's fun3/21/2010  0  
March 21st, 2010....Thought stuck in my head3/21/2010  4  
An excerpt from 'Emerald' by Cleo Cordell3/21/2010  2  
ONE WISH3/21/2010  2  
A minor rant, and a quest for information...3/21/2010  10  
I wake you up, gently3/21/2010  1  
Tied to the Closet Doors...3/21/2010  14  
I am in here for Rehab..to get my straight and my bent bits sorted out3/21/2010  0  
great fun, more to come3/21/2010  0  
Road Trip3/21/2010  3  
It's a gas!3/21/2010  1  
Sex with Craig3/21/2010  17  
gotta do it3/21/2010  0  
fuck that BECKY give me that LEWINSKY THAT PRESIDENTAL HEAD!3/21/2010  0  
The Wonderful Lady3/20/2010  2  
Update - Day two - Disappointing day3/20/2010  5  
Pete3/20/2010  6  
Playing with the Queen of Hearts3/20/2010  3  
First kiss3/20/2010  2  
St Pats day antics3/20/2010  2  
Ladies, This Is Not Victorian Lit3/20/2010  0  
Animal relief?3/20/2010  1  
msn reality3/20/2010  2  
Still My First Threesome3/20/2010  2  
Can you see stars ??3/20/2010  6  
Short 'n' Horny3/20/2010  0  
guess im supposed to post once in a while if this is to be a blog3/20/2010  1  
A night to Remember!!3/20/2010  0  
Tell Me That in a Few Years This Will Not be Happening To ME!!!3/20/2010  7  
clitoris inspection3/20/2010  11  
untitled3/19/2010  7  
Random Thoughts...3/19/2010  3  
Pool & Pussy Cleaning3/19/2010  6  
Vernal Verity3/19/2010  6