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Tuesday Morning Musings10/31/2017  1  
"Stars spell out your name, like in a sci-fi drama. Romance growing, like a flower in the summer."9/28/2017  4  
"If this is all we're living for... Why are we doing it, doing it, doing it anymore..."9/16/2017  5  
Don't You Just Love Music9/13/2017  1  
The Women that I have been infatuated with.8/29/2017  0  
Super Sweet Sunday8/20/2017  3  
A lovely infatuation8/16/2017  0  
Las etapas de la infidelidad8/5/2017  6  
MY TRUE LOVE7/20/2017  0  
"I could never push rewind and erase... but, at least, I know now that it wasn't a phase..."7/2/2017  4  
"You say you love me in the darkness... But in the day I am denied It doesn't really matter...6/28/2017  1  
Are You Willing To Give Up The Person You Are For Love?6/14/2017  9  
When you treat me like that... when you're breaking my back...6/3/2017  3  
Ok... I really, really mean it this time... I'm in luv with u... I'm serious...6/2/2017  3  
The Shit is Starting to Stink!5/25/2017  1  
What a unique day....or aka WTF?5/25/2017  7  
Is It Love......Lust or Infatuation??5/19/2017  1  
sexy places5/7/2017  4  
Rejuvenation, infatuation sitting, free as we all can be4/18/2017  0  
Smitten4/8/2017  3  
#29th Virtual Symposium ''My 1st...hotel''4/2/2017  9  
Are Fantasies Healthy?3/24/2017  26  
Do it again do it again2/19/2017  0  
I love nipples especially puffy ones!2/11/2017  0  
A Chance Or A Choice?12/17/2016  8  
Lately I've Noticed Something Rather Definitive About Those That View My Profile Pictures.12/11/2016  37  
Old souls. Thank you fetlife11/25/2016  0  
I had a dream last night and it included Kimbra...10/21/2016  3  
Story for Cheri Chapter 110/19/2016  0  
Have you ever fallen in and out of love 10 times in 45 mins...10/16/2016  6  
Why Love Is A Selfish Affair8/26/2016  11  
Nipples? Yes, please.8/12/2016  5  
Love at first...8/11/2016  13  
While We Cry7/30/2016  2  
What your sex dreams REALLY mean7/26/2016  0  
Sparring Partner Part II7/23/2016  1  
Living life on the Edge...7/17/2016  6  
So... there I was minding my own business this morning... when it happened, again...7/9/2016  5  
The New Tarzan7/9/2016  11  
not tsk, tsk but TS, TS, TS.6/23/2016  9  
What is it I love about cocks? Part 26/15/2016  1  
Evolution6/13/2016  2  
Symposium Entry: Face It, You’re Addicted to Love6/5/2016  13  
Cravings, Addictions, Obsessions6/4/2016  9  
Comic Nerd's Corner - Leave My Fucking Hereos Alone, Dammit5/28/2016  5  
Is it cheating if you proclaim your eternal love to three different women at the same time? Now...4/21/2016  8  
Advice would be helpful4/21/2016  10  
the great divide4/11/2016  0  
Why Can't This Be Love?4/10/2016  4