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Ladies, Don't Waste Billions of Dollars on Our Account.11/15/2011  15  
Ass I watch her walk away11/13/2011  2  
Mid day rendezvous with Master Jake...11/4/2011  5  
What type of clothing turns you (me) on???11/2/2011  7  
My first trip to Vancouver part II10/19/2011  3  
Guys..sometimes, make me wonder10/16/2011  7  
"A Wild weekend in Gilroy.CA10/8/2011  0  
(Low) Lights, Camera, um...Action?10/7/2011  2  
OSCAR MAYER's slogan: it doesn't get better than this...9/13/2011  17  
To be a judge9/5/2011  11  
Addicted to You (Part I )9/2/2011  8  
SPICE UP YOUR SEX LIFE8/24/2011  0  
All Hallow's Eve - the Pirate and the Vampire - It's not what you think!8/19/2011  7  
Wonder Women's Diary8/14/2011  1  
"Little miss slut...The ritual" cont8/12/2011  0  
Second Time turned out8/7/2011  0  
There is a tear in my beer and I'm ...7/30/2011  3  
Italian Stallion Meets Wild Woman7/27/2011  5  
-ROYALS- Part 8- Frolickings of the girls while their superlatives are away7/15/2011  0  
They have their place7/13/2011  3  
renounce7/1/2011  0  
The Royal Wedding4/28/2011  4  
Saturday Night's Go at It....3/16/2011  0  
-ROYALS- Part 8- Frolickings of the girls while their superlatives are away3/13/2011  0  
-ROYALS- Part 9 -Passion and desire in unison3/13/2011  0  
And we're off3/2/2011  2  
I'm sore and don't want to play anymore this week.2/20/2011  4  
Friday, February 18th, 20112/19/2011  2  
The Wife Is Not Being Ministered To So...She Buys Some Crotchless Panties...EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW2/6/2011  6  
Plumbers1/26/2011  5  
Swinger's buss trip1/10/2011  8  
Cougars Abound...in Aspen1/8/2011  0  
Do You Remember When?12/27/2010  4  
Owww...My Ass Hurts...12/21/2010  9  
A Hot Sticky Mess on a Cold Rainy Day...Starbucks Will Never Be the Same!!!12/21/2010  12  
The barbeque...12/6/2010  3  
Christmas Songs..AdultFriendFinder STYLE~12/1/2010  16  
I did it.. weebling!11/13/2010  19  
Hump Day!!!!11/10/2010  3  
Getting Bit on the Butt...11/8/2010  7  
better to have lusted and lost...10/25/2010  5  
Hot Pants..10/11/2010  1  
our first date.......10/1/2010  2  
I do look sexy if I say so myself....9/2/2010  7  
Sorting Through My Panty Drawer!8/8/2010  6  
New Panties ....................6/18/2010  6  
Excerpt From TIME TO DIE FOR4/29/2010  1  
The April Happening4/24/2010  2  
Fabulous weekend4/18/2010  2  
True... 5 years here... no reason to celebrate...4/16/2010  8