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Cuddles????6/21/2019  0  
THIS GIRL gone wild6/18/2019  0  
Beach Ride6/16/2019  3  
Manic Masturbator6/16/2019  32  
ICU rm 3366/11/2019  0  
Hardy har har!6/9/2019  6  
Possible Cam Show6/6/2019  8  
5.15 (some erotica for you)6/4/2019  2  
New regulations for all drone pilots now in effect in Canada!6/3/2019  4  
Another belated celebration5/31/2019  3  
Pat and Dan5/30/2019  0  
Joke Post: Woman develops IQ of 220 after drinking sperm every day for a year5/22/2019  1  
FROM PRUDE TO NUDE5/22/2019  30  
Showing my bum5/22/2019  3  
Fantasy to reality5/20/2019  0  
Surfs up space ponies, I'm making gravy without the lumps!5/19/2019  3  
Semi Self Imposed Celibacy5/13/2019  16  
Standard Members can contact and view me on my Blog!5/12/2019  1  
Fantasy Part 15/7/2019  3  
How I Found My Submissive Self: Part Five5/7/2019  2  
How I Found My Submissive Self: Part Five5/7/2019  0  
Back in Central NJ5/7/2019  0  
Canada border services gone too far?5/5/2019  6  
Showing my bum in public5/2/2019  0  
The ingenuity of mankind5/1/2019  0  
Backyard Visitor5/1/2019  0  
Sex On The Bayou5/1/2019  0  
For Whom The Queue Tolls: The Back Yard Patio?4/26/2019  4  
Nature and convention4/24/2019  0  
Sometimes.....Part Two4/23/2019  1  
Office Decorum4/23/2019  2  
The Drive4/21/2019  7  
Two-Story Outhouse - Cedar Lake Michigan4/19/2019  6  
Self-Inflicted (Full Story)4/17/2019  1  
Stranger With Post-It | Part Two4/15/2019  5  
The Turning Point4/13/2019  3  
How do you like change?4/13/2019  1  
Sexy and Salacious... In Elevator Number Six.... 😱4/10/2019  12  
Dog park (part 2)4/10/2019  0  
What your pet’s microchip has to do with the Mark of the Beast4/8/2019  3  
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Me & this site LOL4/7/2019  4  
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How to Take Care of Your Smartphone3/31/2019  4  
I dont make them up , I just writes 'em...lol3/28/2019  10  
Playing the detective3/28/2019  7  
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My "Walk on the wild side"3/23/2019  2  
Lots to do today....3/23/2019  2