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My AH HAH Moment5/8/2019  7  
BBC pig roast @ SteamWorks5/5/2019  0  
WE JUST DISAGREE5/4/2019  19  
Still looking for a FEMALE BUDDY ONLY5/2/2019  0  
Showing my bum in public5/2/2019  1  
50 Shades of Hotels4/22/2019  6  
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Best place in Gainesville to meet new people4/6/2019  0  
Breeze, boats, bars, and bubbles4/6/2019  2  
Hug :)4/4/2019  7  
Public Transportation Narc4/2/2019  5  
If I Kiss Your Mind, Will Your Body Follow4/2/2019  0  
Let's Make a Scene4/1/2019  15  
Fool on the Hill4/1/2019  4  
I am getting a new car3/29/2019  1  
Bars for erotic encounters - Colchester or Ipswich3/29/2019  0  
Who's Desperate?3/29/2019  21  
Bucket list, conclusion...3/29/2019  3  
A Doofus Day - and The Good VS The Bad3/26/2019  15  
It's on my bucket list....3/26/2019  2  
Work Travel3/22/2019  0  
A Yelp Review of the People I Had Brunch With3/17/2019  4  
mistress or master slave contract3/16/2019  1  
Defiant to the end3/16/2019  4  
Cigar Bars and Lounges in Indy3/12/2019  0  
Size Queen3/12/2019  1  
Pushing Boundaries - The Artist3/12/2019  3  
Big in Japan3/11/2019  2  
Las Vegas 20193/10/2019  0  
THE AUDITION3/3/2019  23  
My Fantasy Meeting with Kasklop3/2/2019  0  
fakes, frauds and scams3/1/2019  0  
Our profile Feb. 20192/26/2019  0  
So many Sheep, and more into Social Media, and having multiple "friends", never meet. ..............2/26/2019  0  
Such a simple thing2/26/2019  4  
Love to eat pussy2/21/2019  0  
Love to eat pussy2/21/2019  0  
Love to eat pussy2/21/2019  0  
Few ways to recognized Transsexual2/20/2019  2  
A dirty joke Monday!2/18/2019  6  
Got up late thinking I was late for work.....2/17/2019  3  
Applebee's and Exxxotica2/16/2019  2  
Well I;ll be jiggered!2/15/2019  7  
So Bored!!! Wondering if this site actually works!2/10/2019  0  
I Promise you, I am not, what you are use to.2/9/2019  1  
The Life and Times Of Robin Fleetwood (Fiction)1/29/2019  0  
Award winning vibrator AI1/23/2019  1  
My First Visit To Thailand .. changed my life1/22/2019  2  
Captured1/19/2019  0