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Sunday morning....2/4/2018  2  
Smoking Weed Yes or No2/3/2018  0  
Smoking Tobacco ... Yes or No2/3/2018  0  
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Thong Thursday @2/1/2018  0  
Keeping That Libido Up and Running :D2/1/2018  7  
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Mirror in the bathroom1/30/2018  3  
Smoking is such a nasty habit..1/29/2018  6  
Back in the race...1/28/2018  0  
Wild Katie and JoJo1/26/2018  0  
Wild Katie and JoJo1/26/2018  0  
Open Lake Conclusion1/26/2018  3  
Two Smokers...1/24/2018  3  
How many times, just don't know1/22/2018  0  
were smoking tonight and getting high as fuck1/22/2018  0  
A koala is sitting up a Eucalyptus tree smoking a joint...1/15/2018  6  
A lady's recount of meeting me - Friends Only1/13/2018  7  
CAR TROUBLE. Story.1/12/2018  0  
Pondering on dick size1/11/2018  0  
Threesome thoughts1/9/2018  0  
Working hard to reclaim my health1/8/2018  0  
Being fuckable1/6/2018  0  
Cancer really sucks....so stand up to it.1/3/2018  2  
In the Beginning1/2/2018  0  
Lifestyle change1/2/2018  1  
Adventure time1/1/2018  0  
Bye 2017, hello 201812/31/2017  13  
Here’s Why Any ‘Ol Diet Just Won’t Do12/30/2017  0  
It's so damn cold,,,,,no cigar smoking12/30/2017  0  
FYI.12/30/2017  2  
New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Keep12/29/2017  1  
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!12/28/2017  0  
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I was at a mini-mart one day.....12/27/2017  4  
Hot vs Not12/26/2017  8  
Here’s Why Any ‘Ol Diet Just Won’t Do12/22/2017  0  
Calling all Cedar Falls, IA Hy Vee shoppers!!! Lexi @ Starbucks12/22/2017  0  
**** Out Of The Mouths Of Babes****12/14/2017  11  
sexy and lots of fun for your pleasures12/13/2017  0  
A few thoughts.........12/9/2017  5  
Did The Wildfire Rabbit 'Rescuer' Doom A Litter of Babies?12/8/2017  2  
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Soup for what ails me...........11/28/2017  11  
Meat Analog Saturday11/25/2017  1  
The Covenant11/25/2017  2  
Grateful11/23/2017  0  
Polyamory for Dummies11/17/2017  6  
That's Another One That Came Forward...11/13/2017  14