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What has sex influenced you to do?7/6/2018  10  
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Being Fat in a Filipino culture6/20/2018  1  
So here we are...again...6/16/2018  0  
boy i miss the fun . the sex male female male. the kinky stuff too..6/16/2018  0  
re-thinking my value here6/15/2018  1  
My King and I...6/12/2018  0  
Poem # .... 479, Monday .. 10:20 A.M. : " I Went to the Store."6/11/2018  0  
Last place in the blowjob contest6/8/2018  7  
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The Russians Are Coming!6/3/2018  2  
Dildo up the ass giving stroking on their hard-on6/3/2018  0  
Her legs spread open between them her token6/2/2018  0  
RAT SALAD6/1/2018  3  
Better still but ouch5/30/2018  0  
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Sara and i. Chaperter 1: the ideal meeting5/29/2018  0  
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It's About Time5/26/2018  3  
Bent over at the hip just enough for some visual licks5/26/2018  0  
Still stuck on rewind play mode as my leg balance returns5/25/2018  0  
A stoner walks into an appliance store...5/25/2018  3  
Moving right along....5/24/2018  2  
Curiouser and curiouser. ;)5/21/2018  7  
Trials of a Cuckold5/19/2018  0  
2 am car stop... Just because it is funny.....5/19/2018  3  
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Living longer5/16/2018  0  
Restless, lonely, hopeful5/14/2018  2  
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Show Me the Money (Shot!)5/7/2018  21  
Easy Peasy that doesn't TASTE that way. :)5/4/2018  2  
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From some sexy actions4/26/2018  0  
Looking Like a Flapper Meant a Diet of Celery and Cigarettes4/23/2018  1  
Virtual Reality?4/22/2018  0  
Smoking hot4/20/2018  1  
...In Which Ginger Is Smokin’4/18/2018  8  
I was his first...4/16/2018  0  
I was his first...4/16/2018  0  
Profile Info for Standard Members4/16/2018  0