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Heat of Day / Well and Truly Fucked *NSFW*4/15/2018  4  
A dildo in hand ... most likely lubed up a bit4/15/2018  0  
A man goes to the doctor and says...4/12/2018  2  
Catchin up to myself4/12/2018  8  
Yes please ..... do me like that every once in a while4/9/2018  0  
sex drive4/9/2018  0  
Stupid Confessions4/8/2018  5  
Thoughts touching here & there like in a dream one day4/7/2018  0  
Subbie Boy4/5/2018  8  
MILF Erotica4/5/2018  1  
California needs to stop saying everything causes cancer4/5/2018  1  
hey hey ..... puff puff pass4/4/2018  0  
Sign sign every where a 420 sign4/3/2018  0  
Hey hey ........ Puff puff pass4/3/2018  0  
Fake News About Health You Need to Stop Believing3/31/2018  2  
Wild Child - #39 what lies beneath3/31/2018  5  
Rear valley of the butt thoughts of3/30/2018  0  
Sexy smoking3/28/2018  0  
I BROKE A NAIL - IT'S A NAILBITER3/27/2018  22  
Advice for punishment3/26/2018  2  
Regular cannabis users have more sex, study says3/24/2018  0  
Your thoughts on this healing technique if ya please3/20/2018  0  
It's not always sexy3/18/2018  22  
crazy ass story3/17/2018  2  
Pulsing waves of Pleasure just a waiting to flow free3/11/2018  0  
Inside the Story of America’s 19th-Century Opiate Addiction3/10/2018  1  
What to Know Before Taking 23andMe's Breast Cancer Test3/8/2018  1  
So odd, some people are3/8/2018  10  
New Broadcaster!3/7/2018  0  
Body of a Goddess?3/4/2018  2  
New Year Resolutions2/26/2018  8  
Puff puff pass ..... then my fingers to begin type again2/26/2018  0  
Ah...to be reminded of the decisions you’ve made as a teenager 😳2/25/2018  7  
looking forward to spring!2/24/2018  2  
Private messages2/22/2018  3  
My trip to London2/21/2018  0  
This isn’t just an ordinary “buzz word”2/17/2018  0  
If this sex cult is a-rocking , leave package by door2/16/2018  4  
Their True Future2/14/2018  4  
Basics2/13/2018  0  
Fun in Oregon2/11/2018  0  
The time is 4:20 always some where around there2/10/2018  0  
My Story2/9/2018  0  
My First Taste Of Man Wood2/7/2018  5  
Favorite Combination2/7/2018  1  
It has been a while...2/6/2018  3  
Profile Stuff is Here2/5/2018  0  
Teen Tease2/5/2018  0  
Secluded Spots, House Party Rules.2/5/2018  1