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A Deer Hunter's Respect2/25/2014  0  
Funny Story-Roliing Eyes2/25/2014  3  
A Stranger in the Night2/22/2014  5  
Fun at the Mall2/18/2014  0  
Shhhh....Don't tell.....Well tell me.....2/15/2014  21  
Rescued from the snow!2/13/2014  2  
Shopping2/10/2014  2  
Stunt driver...2/9/2014  4  
Part two, Beginings2/7/2014  0  
The act of .... internet Jealousy. and the balless people behind the COWARDLY acts2/7/2014  0  
Why do I watch PORN?1/31/2014  4  
Seedy Suburban sex (Total fiction, darn it)1/29/2014  0  
What's a dick to do?1/26/2014  5  
Negotiating Life With Small(er) Boobs1/19/2014  17  
PickUp1/18/2014  0  
Times have changed1/14/2014  5  
Old Puns Never Die; They Just Smell That Way1/11/2014  3  
More for you1/4/2014  11  
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something is wrong with the marvel universe12/12/2013  3  
I'll have the douche ta louche please11/16/2013  3  
this is how i learned10/26/2013  2  
Adventures as a BBS sysop10/24/2013  0  
The mind boggles10/13/2013  10  
Ever Borrow From Another, & Can't Retrieve it10/7/2013  4  
The Manlaw Part II10/3/2013  1  
The Next Morning9/30/2013  0  
Another "Dog Day"9/28/2013  8  
Exploring – My Hometown9/19/2013  3  
The Freeze Frame Challenge9/15/2013  9  
Some thoughts after a 2 year hiatus...9/14/2013  9  
my previous project9/12/2013  4  
A dozen chicken wings and two and a half pints in.....8/27/2013  2  
Rules for getting more hot sex.8/24/2013  3  
Poem: Our Desire8/17/2013  0  
NO DATE - I CAN BE A TOWEL RACK !!!!!!!!8/11/2013  0  
Top ten things only women understand8/8/2013  0  
Friday mumbo jumo8/2/2013  6  
Summer's Back8/2/2013  5  
Top ten things only women understand7/25/2013  1  
Why Women Are So Special!!!!7/23/2013  3  
MAN VS SHOPPING7/23/2013  3  
Saw an ad7/22/2013  1  
Tig ol Bitties7/18/2013  0  
Thinks you might need to know about BDSM7/5/2013  0  
Discipline7/5/2013  0  
Weekend Recap6/24/2013  7  
Short Story: Breathe6/17/2013  1  
voluptuous vixens vs. bodacious babes or leggy lovelies (do you have what it takes?)6/13/2013  35