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Weekend Recap6/24/2013  7  
Short Story: Breathe6/17/2013  1  
voluptuous vixens vs. bodacious babes or leggy lovelies (do you have what it takes?)6/13/2013  35  
a sex story that i think you will like pt26/3/2013  0  
a sex story that i think you will like pt16/3/2013  0  
Magazines and obsessions.5/29/2013  18  
Memorial Weekend at Jim & Kathy's5/29/2013  10  
Sunday Reflections 5/26/20135/26/2013  3  
HNW...I Hate Shopping5/15/2013  15  
Girl's gotta have it!5/7/2013  11  
 5/1/2013  1  
How Much Of Anything Is A Mile?4/26/2013  4  
Exhibitionism4/19/2013  1  
Rack of Lamb4/18/2013  1  
Dinner tonight....4/7/2013  8  
true story4/1/2013  2  
Word of the day3/27/2013  0  
Soft Pretzels3/26/2013  0  
All but done and the Clean up!3/16/2013  3  
Steak and a BJ Day!!!3/14/2013  2  
It's Been A Fast Paced Week3/7/2013  5  
HumpDay!3/6/2013  0  
Technology!2/23/2013  0  
After I retired2/20/2013  3  
Boobie Blues...2/13/2013  1  
Finally, after years, we2/11/2013  0  
NSA sex1/17/2013  0  
Older womens treasure chests1/16/2013  0  
My wife's best friend and how it came to be...1/14/2013  0  
Getting motivated1/11/2013  4  
ESS AND EMM1/10/2013  5  
And with that, you disappear out of my world!1/6/2013  27  
Bottling time again.1/4/2013  2  
I had no Idea there was so many kinds1/3/2013  0  
Infectious Human Waste - Chapter The 7th.12/27/2012  0  
What not to do when you're drunk at 3am and find some of your ex's stuff.12/20/2012  14  
Embarrassing Moments #2 (aka Better in a Burka)12/17/2012  2  
All Too Precious!12/11/2012  5  
Man...11/29/2012  0  
Tough Mudder this weekend...so excited.11/25/2012  3  
Making money .... any way possible ....11/21/2012  4  
A Mid-Week Mid-Day Meet11/14/2012  8  
The Piratz Life11/11/2012  7  
A Father's Gift-1511/7/2012  0  
The fart that (almost) altered my destiny11/6/2012  16  
Trying to get back on track...10/29/2012  4  
Nudist Resort10/27/2012  3  
Ropes and Passion....Written version10/26/2012  1  
Welcome Home10/23/2012  3  
The One Where Our Hero Muses10/13/2012  6