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Exciting day planned....9/9/2017  2  
Crossroads8/22/2017  2  
I can't beleive it's not an erection !8/17/2017  6  
I Think They've Adopted Me8/12/2017  7  
My Trip Into Professional Domination Part I8/9/2017  0  
My Sexual Home-Away-From-Home8/8/2017  14  
Naughty Fun Sex Position with different names.8/2/2017  9  
The Dishwasher Chronicles!!!7/30/2017  4  
Naughty Neighbors - Sleep Over - Kendra POV7/24/2017  1  
~~~~ The Strangest WalMart Customer ~~~~7/18/2017  17  
Newest two wheeled addition to the Family...7/15/2017  9  
Just Not Into It so Substitute7/8/2017  9  
The Popsicle's Origin Story Starts in a Test Tube7/4/2017  3  
AT a sex club7/2/2017  1  
It's A Snap with Ginger7/1/2017  16  
No Waffling Around Today6/29/2017  14  
A first visit to the playspace6/20/2017  0  
I have Dough in My Freezer6/12/2017  7  
TOO HOT TO COOK But... Here's comes food6/12/2017  7  
Factory Reject Dildos Three For a Dollar6/6/2017  5  
Going to bed.............5/28/2017  3  
*Kink,Relationships, etc.*5/21/2017  9  
Making Up For Lost Time5/8/2017  4  
40deuce's Sexy Murder Mysteries5/6/2017  7  
When life gives you lemons destroy capitalism5/1/2017  5  
The Nude Beach4/30/2017  2  
Dessert to go With LOK4 Menu4/30/2017  8  
Personally, This Should be a Day in August/September4/25/2017  6  
Shall I smile for you, or focus on my own happiness?4/11/2017  8  
All tits must go?4/3/2017  9  
My Masterpiece3/31/2017  0  
Tome for a change...3/27/2017  0  
A sexy story :)3/26/2017  0  
AI Investors Rack Up Massive Returns in Stock Market Study3/23/2017  2  
Lies and the lying liars that lie them3/20/2017  11  
The Most Gruesome Government Report Ever Written Evaluates 34 Ways to Execute a Man3/20/2017  5  
The Georgia Peach3/9/2017  0  
Please Tie Me To The Bed?3/4/2017  2  
Good Girl3/3/2017  3  
Contact2/26/2017  5  
What A Rack!2/25/2017  3  
who needs company2/20/2017  0  
Must Be Out of Shape2/10/2017  0  
NFL Superbowl Pick2/5/2017  9  
Journey to better health2/4/2017  4  
Willie Nelson and I Have Something in Common!1/21/2017  5  
Seafood Lover's1/10/2017  8  
Fantasy1/8/2017  3