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A wild return home10/1/2014  0  
Sunday night meanderings of the mind(less)9/28/2014  10  
Always Fuck Me Like That (oh and my vch is a week old :p)9/25/2014  1  
Excited!9/24/2014  2  
Los cuasi Dogmas del BDSM9/16/2014  0  
Now this looks like a great ......9/14/2014  0  
iPod Shuffle Last 5.....#12.....9/10/2014  0  
Picture It Week #19/2/2014  3  
Toy Store8/30/2014  2  
A Shower Before She Goes8/22/2014  4  
Just some stuff.8/22/2014  5  
Breakfast and the Bootie8/20/2014  5  
Moving Day8/16/2014  4  
Profile Update and Re-Edit....8/11/2014  1  
Guys, let women figure out why they won't screw you. Don't do it for them.8/6/2014  4  
I'm a Lingerie Whore8/4/2014  10  
Friday blogging7/25/2014  5  
the true story of my first time out dressed7/18/2014  2  
Lincoln7/5/2014  0  
BOWLEGGED7/3/2014  2  
i write when i'm bored.. enjoy.7/1/2014  1  
Huntin anyone?6/28/2014  0  
I love my leather jacket6/27/2014  8  
The First Time I Met Cheri6/21/2014  0  
i need..i need..i need! geez! i sound needy!6/8/2014  10  
another look... at my new look...6/5/2014  22  
update..on...voluptuous vixens vs. bodacious babes vs. leggy lovelies6/4/2014  25  
Which one would you chose6/4/2014  3  
A Memorial Day Story5/26/2014  1  
And so did the fat lady5/15/2014  5  
Waiting for the Punchline5/14/2014  6  
Mystery Date5/5/2014  0  
simple cooking tips5/4/2014  4  
Have anal sex live on the internet to raise awareness of IBS5/3/2014  2  
Change room antics4/29/2014  1  
Walking On The Beach4/29/2014  1  
Rack up Tuesday, I'm gonna slay Monday dead.4/21/2014  7  
Horny pussy ahead. Please don't drop the F bomb. Please!!4/11/2014  11  
Cycling with bad knees4/10/2014  2  
The Making Of Sarge...(part 1)4/5/2014  10  
Buxie's Public Service Announcement4/2/2014  6  
Fun things to do at Walmart4/2/2014  13  
Death on the Installment Plan; Part One4/1/2014  12  
You can conquer Glory's box later jub-jub3/29/2014  6  
What ARE These People Up To??3/28/2014  1  
Friday Funny ..............3/21/2014  7  
Yep Blonde jokes3/13/2014  4  
Back Door Barbie Likes Boobs.3/10/2014  0  
A very long week; the Culmination of it3/2/2014  3