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sex with the over 60's2/4/2015  0  
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what do you do if your cousin does this to you? ladies, gentleman, pics included for your pleasure1/11/2015  0  
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First Visit12/15/2014  10  
Big Buttocks are Superior12/14/2014  0  
It was all about the hashtags12/13/2014  11  
Trying to be good is easy when the 28% woman population here won't give you the time of day.12/9/2014  0  
Devil's Threesome (well sort of)12/9/2014  0  
true rider12/7/2014  0  
Is it Different?12/7/2014  1  
not that any one will read this but a little on the insight of my mentality12/2/2014  1  
...the job, should you choose to accept it12/1/2014  2  
My Blog Cherry - hotlisting11/27/2014  1  
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Happy Saturday!11/22/2014  5  
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Age test quiz.~~ Back on the farm10/30/2014  46  
The Salt Must Flow10/23/2014  1  
Hot Chicks Making Funny Faces10/18/2014  6  
"When It Rains It Pours" 50cent10/16/2014  0  
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*bursts out laughing*10/4/2014  1  
Do Chicks Check Out A Guys Toenails?9/26/2014  6  
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whats up girls?!9/16/2014  0  
Neurotica9/14/2014  3  
Higher Standards (her)9/13/2014  1  
The world continues to spin...9/9/2014  0  
The Urge: you know that shit that perpetuates the species.9/7/2014  1  
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Caring for an elderly parent that doesn't want to be cared for9/4/2014  7  
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