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Greek Gods had Small Dicks.5/22/2016  5  
first firings5/19/2016  0  
Dicks: The long and short of it5/11/2016  16  
the Jungle experience5/8/2016  0  
the Jungle experience5/8/2016  0  
My Top Fan Support Sucks Donkey Balls Like hooking up on this site does5/5/2016  3  
Wow, the more and more weird stuff I see!!5/1/2016  10  
Getting To Know Me A Bit Better4/30/2016  12  
Couples4/29/2016  2  
I finally had my first male strippers experience!4/28/2016  3  
They all want me4/28/2016  1  
in vennice right now4/27/2016  0  
in vennice right now4/27/2016  0  
in vennice right now4/27/2016  0  
in vennice right now4/27/2016  0  
Feminine Puberty4/24/2016  5  
Hot chicks driving4/22/2016  0  
Dreamboy arrived at Azhar's apartment complex and she was primed and ready to go, except that...4/19/2016  5  
My favorite post of all time4/13/2016  17  
First Night Driving Uber4/12/2016  2  
U all gotta check 50 Shades of Black4/9/2016  0  
I Get Chicks, 'Cause I Play Guitar4/8/2016  6  
What Chicks REALLY Talk About4/2/2016  14  
THIS has Never Happened to ME...Has IT ever Happened to YOU???4/2/2016  7  
Bands of the 90's Where are they now ?4/1/2016  4  
Dick Pics and Queen's Gambits3/30/2016  16  
A Real Ride or Die Chick or Chicks3/28/2016  4  
HAPPY EASTER3/26/2016  8  
Millennial females, porn and anal.3/22/2016  3  
You can't wear dungarees to a burlesque show ! (you can read this one its not weird and rapey)3/22/2016  7  
this site is shit3/22/2016  6  
A place for my penis3/18/2016  1  
The most romantic present you can give is a gift certificate for butt surgery3/14/2016  6  
Older Men Dating Younger Women3/13/2016  3  
Menstration is murder3/9/2016  7  
Trophies!!!3/6/2016  0  
The Lure of Wicked Fun3/3/2016  3  
So this one time2/28/2016  2  
Music quiz - And your bird can sing2/28/2016  9  
UDTF ?2/27/2016  7  
bladder protection2/24/2016  2  
Remember that time I got a B in gym ?2/17/2016  6  
Tribute to the Men of Craigslist2/17/2016  11  
Asians Have huge cocks too2/13/2016  0  
Friday Night Fun!2/12/2016  0  
She asked me for some sex2/11/2016  0  
If a dude saved your life would you do him ?2/7/2016  5  
Only chicks die with their shirts off2/4/2016  6  
I MUST be Old School...2/1/2016  9  
My First Three-Way1/31/2016  0