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The Punks Are Dead4/29/2021  0  
Laziness abounds!4/29/2021  18  
Stories Never Told4/28/2021  2  
Hot BBW neighbor dumps boyfriend4/27/2021  4  
Hubbys long wait...4/25/2021  6  
Many things to be extremely thankful for4/24/2021  7  
Subservient Natures...4/23/2021  2  
Prelude to Whatever from "That Saturday Night ... Fever" part 5.4/21/2021  0  
Tired Nagging a Teen child?4/20/2021  10  
Interstate fucking4/19/2021  0  
Lets meet up4/19/2021  0  
Fucking in the dirty south y'all.4/14/2021  0  
Another Sucker in My Mouth4/13/2021  4  
Sexual musings 14/10/2021  4  
I finally get with the lockdown program4/10/2021  21  
Sexting and wallpaper--keep the fire burning4/9/2021  1  
Q&A Time... Yes, I stole this concept...4/9/2021  0  
Dirty Afternoon4/8/2021  12  
Mask?4/6/2021  14  
What makes my Lady, my Lady.. IMHO!!!!4/6/2021  15  
The worst....4/6/2021  7  
Public restroom sexting... No pics sorry4/5/2021  0  
about sex4/5/2021  0  
Swan Song and Epilogue4/2/2021  9  
Right Now put videos of what my Dirty Nasty Gross Discussing Asshole Seriously will do4/2/2021  0  
Voluntary work4/1/2021  4  
Changing Gears....4/1/2021  4  
Looking for Dom host to host me use me Humilation degrade would love multiple no rules no safe word3/31/2021  0  
Ensam hela nätterna..3/30/2021  2  
Hubby's Big Regret3/29/2021  4  
Muddy or Stinky Sex3/29/2021  15  
Wifey and I looking for 3rd both need bad3/26/2021  0  
Fast or Slow?3/25/2021  4  
talk dirty to me3/24/2021  5  
Tips for pictures!3/22/2021  3  
Music quiz - A mixed bag #1013/21/2021  10  
Female needed3/20/2021  0  
Always horny..3/19/2021  1  
**** Fun Friday BONUS Trivia ****3/19/2021  14  
Hot summer day.3/18/2021  4  
Canoe ride3/17/2021  0  
Sex & Intimacy In Foreplay3/16/2021  3  
Creature of the night3/16/2021  9  
All we can do at this time3/16/2021  2  
Any WOMEN travelers passing by?3/13/2021  0  
A trapped soul3/11/2021  5  
I want to really meet and fuck for real...3/10/2021  0  
Camel toes and pussies3/10/2021  3