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Why do most women appear to believe that an older man is an inferior lover?10/6/2018  0  
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My First Time with a Guy9/12/2018  14  
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I love eating pussy8/27/2018  0  
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Walnut Street: Oh Shit~!8/22/2018  4  
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Sex and Fish in the Office8/14/2018  8  
Did the Earth Move? Plumb the Orogenic Depths with Me8/9/2018  2  
Sunday Morning7/30/2018  8  
Last night with the Daughter in law.7/29/2018  0  
Meet and Greet or Meet and Fuck?7/26/2018  0  
12 Crazy Amazing Facts About the Clitoris7/20/2018  13  
Older men7/14/2018  0  
Midsummer’s eve7/13/2018  0  
always in heat7/3/2018  16  
"my heart was a map, now it's all black and white, u were my color, can we go back in time..."7/2/2018  3  
Women in Lingerie6/24/2018  0  
Older men do it better6/16/2018  0  
DATE US BOTH, FUCK MY WIFE (Columbus, Ga)6/16/2018  4  
A weekend at the Cape - #416/16/2018  3  
ROT Rally Saturday6/14/2018  2  
Fun Night.6/8/2018  3  
Mutual Masturbation5/26/2018  0  
A Little Inspiration5/16/2018  3  
Things that won't get you laid.5/7/2018  5  
The Rare and Lost Art of As Eating!4/29/2018  0  
Blunt Force Propaganda #133-#1904/23/2018  0  
Actual Scenarios - Top 104/9/2018  0  
Drunk Cocks...4/8/2018  0  
The First Date4/4/2018  0  
Let's enjoy life3/22/2018  0  
03-16-2018 Tell others about yourself from My Profile3/16/2018  0  
Multiples....3/8/2018  0  
Attractive male seeking3/2/2018  0  
Ass play for starters2/17/2018  0  
Multiple Orgasms: The Most Powerful Domination Technique...2/16/2018  0  
Talk dirty to me. ???2/14/2018  6  
6 Things Older Men Do Better In Bed2/9/2018  10  
A little pussy treatment2/1/2018  0  
Misadventures in a Strange land1/26/2018  2  
Dinner in the City...1/20/2018  2  
5 Expert Tips To Have Multiple Orgasms1/14/2018  0  
Any other History freaks?1/5/2018  18  
An Old Man1/5/2018  0